Camburg Racing’s KINETIK General Tire Trick Truck comes from behind at Silverstate

Huntington Beach, CA – The Bilek Silver State 300 is the second race in the elite desert racing series known as Best in the Desert. This event is known for its high speed single track sections along with slow technical mountainous trails. Qualifying well is critical for a top finish on this tight course. Unfortunately, the Camburg Racing team was not able to make it to qualifying. Just days before the race while changing the oil they noticed timing chain material stuck to the magnet on the drain plug, this was not a good sign. The crew called Turnkey Engine Supply, the engine builder to see what could be done in such a short time frame. Operation Impossible was now in full effect! The crew pulled the engine and brought it down to Oceanside, CA where Turnkey is located so they could perform emergency surgery. The guys at Turnkey did some research and found a special timing chain that would handle the abuse of the high horsepower engine and installed it immediately. The Camburg Racing crew spent day and night not only putting it back together after this set back but also prepping it to compete in this awesome 300 mile point to point desert race.

The race started 90 miles outside of North Las Vegas, in the small town of Alamo. The Camburg Racing General Tire Trick Truck started 36th in the back of the unlimited pack due to not being able to qualify. This set up the driver Jason Campbell with a heavy challenge ahead of him as he would need to get past the slower vehicles to be able to make up time and stay with the leaders on corrected time. Every thing was going well until race mile 26 where Jason in the dust overshot a tight corner and wound up in a Yucca tree that caused some damage to the body of the truck. Scott Zindroski got out quickly to asses the damage and quickly got back in the truck only losing one position. The truck was running strong and making up time and around race mile 103, the engine oil low pressure light turned on. Both Jason and Scott got out of the truck to see what was going on. The oil pressure gauge was showing correct oil pressure but the warning light was coming on. After assessing the issue they found a broken leaking sender to the warning light and replaced it with a new one. Now back on course and headed into pit 4 the plan was to perform a driver change and have the chase team re-fuel the truck.

As Jason was pulling into pit 4, there were race vehicles at the top of the pits and also shortly behind him. This is where Jerry Zaiden told Jason to stay in the truck so they would not lose valuable time or position. In a short re-fuel only pit stop, the Camburg Racing General Tire Trick Truck was back on its way in hunt for a strong finish. The truck was going strong and at pit 5 passed the number 61 truck of Ron Whitton as he was pitting. Getting close to the finish line around mile 250 Jason in the dust of an unlimited class 1500 buggy overshot a corner and wound up in the rocks. Feeling a bad vibration around 70 mph, Jason stopped the truck and Scott got out to check the drive shaft and found a few dents. With the choice of having lost time in changing the drive shaft or lost time cruising the truck at a slower speed to the finish, Jason and Scott chose to keep their position and keep the truck moving to the finish line. The Camburg Racing team once again improved their finishing results with a solid 8th place in 6 hours 37 minutes over the 300 mile race course with zero flats.

The Camburg Racing crew congratulates fellow General Tire team member Jason and Rich Voss for their outstanding win!

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors for the opportunity to race this elite class. Without their support and the support of team members and fellow racers, this wouldn’t be possible or mean as much as it does.

“Even with the issues we had, I was able to keep a pace that took us to a solid finish”
– Jason Campbell

“New to this class we’re improving each race and getting more comfortable in the truck. Looking forward to Vegas to Reno with even more testing in our saddle”
– Jerry Zaiden

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