Camburg Racing beats the heat in BITD’s Vegas 2 Reno race!

Huntington Beach, CA – The 2010 Best in the Desert TSCO Vegas to Reno Off-Road Race starts outside of Las Vegas in the small town of Beatty and finishes just outside of Reno in Dayton. This race was 534 miles and is known as the “the longest off-road race in the United States”. The wide spectrum of terrain ranging from rocks, silt, gravel roads, sand washes and huge cliffs is challenging to say the least along with the 100 plus degree weather.

The week prior to the race the Camburg crew met the unexpected and made for some very long days and stressful nights. During a test session out in Barstow to work on some transmission cooling issues, the valve train in the engine let go, causing a piston to explode only 10 minutes in. Now the countdown to Vegas to Reno was on! Turnkey Engine Supply has been battling with the unique valve train since they built the engine, so after this failure they decided to go with what they know works best and is tried and true, GM Performance parts. Camburg pulled the engine and immediately got it to Turnkey where they removed the old heads, rebuilt the block and installed the new GM Performance high flow LS heads. Turnkey worked day and night, pulled off the impossible and got the new engine to the Camburg crew the week of the race. Working 18 hour days Camburg got the engine back in, prepped and then took the truck back down to Turnkey where they ran it on the chassis dyno to optimize power and fuel management. Now with the engine working the best it ever has, the race team worked day and night before the event to get the truck ready to battle the 534 mile course. Camburg arrived in Las Vegas Thursday afternoon for contingency missing qualifying but thankfully ready to go.

The following morning, Jason Campbell and co-driver Austin “Fish” Farner started the race and piloted the first 335 miles. Off the line behind all the TT and Class 1 qualifiers, they immediately experienced high transmission temps. 230-250 degree readings kept them from pushing the truck to any where near its potential. At mile 60, Jason pulled off course and had to stop for around 10 minutes to let the temperature drop. They battled the cooling all the way to Pit 10 at mile 335 for their scheduled driver change. Short of the cooling issues, Jason was very happy with the trucks handling and the changes they made prior to the race.

Jerry Zaiden and his co-driver Craig Hall got in for the last leg of the race. At this point, Camburg Racing was running in the top 10 in the Trick Truck class on corrected time and had a clear race course ahead of them. Jerry and Craig ran into the same issues as Jason with the high transmission temperatures which made for a slow pace and having to stop many times. Once the outside temps started to cool down later in the day, they were able to step up the pace a bit and try and make up lost time. Unfortunately about 10 miles out from the finish, the engine stalled going through a tight off camber corner and caused a loss in power steering thus steering control. Not being able to correct, the truck ended up on its side in a slow speed ¾ roll. A special thanks goes out to the Chase Motorsports team as they lost time pulling the Camburg truck over onto all fours. Back under way, the Camburg General Tires KINETIK TT crossed the finish line in 11hrs. 47 mins. With the down time associated with the cooling issues and roll-over, the Camburg Racing team is very confident the truck is getting close to a top finish!

The Camburg Racing crew congratulates fellow General Tire racer Rick Johnson and his team for their outstanding win!

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors for the opportunity to race this elite class. Without their support and the support of team members and fellow racers, this wouldn’t be possible or mean as much as it does.

“This truck and class is still new to us and we made a few changes to the truck before this race. We relocated the transmission coolers to the rear for weight bias and to shorten up the nose for better approach angles and made spring and valving changes to the shocks. Battling high temps all day with the transmission with no failures shows us what Lucas Oil really does for our race program. The Eibach springs we received before the race were spot on and the new piston and valving from FOX had the truck working the best it ever has.” – Jason Campbell

“I am beyond pleased with the General Tires as they owned the sharp rocks from mile 490 to the finish. Zero flats in that section is a true testament what these tires can handle. Running through the night with cliffs along the course left no room for error and KC’s HID POD lighting gave us more than enough useable light to navigate these sections at speed. Using these lights for the last few years, I can’t say enough good things about them.” – Jerry Zaiden

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