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Camburg Engineering – Shop Tour

Camburg Engineering is the next stop along the Race-Dezert.com shop tour. Camburg is owned and operated by Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell. The duo started Camburg in 1997 using Jason’s engineering and design background combined with Jerry’s focus on sales and marketing, they have been growing ever since. The main focus of Camburg is their “bolt on” suspension kits and over the counter parts that are constantly being race tested and proven to win championships year after year. Recently they designed and built in house their own trophy truck design, the “KINETIK”.  Camburg now resides in a 10,000 sq. ft. shop in Huntington Beach, CA.

The shop front is a clean layout and easily displays their products to walk-in customers and potential buyers.


Camburg offers long travel suspension kits for just about every model of truck and SUV out there. Every kit is built in house using custom Camburg components.

Camburg offers mild kits starting with just a bolt in replacement coilover to make your ride a lot better while in the dirt. They also offer upper arm replacements for most model trucks which bolt on in just a few minuets. The valving in the shocks is also a custom Camburg valving which has been specially designed for each application.

A newer product is the Camburg complete custom rear end housing. 3.5″ .250 wall 4130 chromoly tube, 3/16″ center section, 7″ cross section for more oil capacity and higher strength, 3/8″ face plate, more main tube engagement, internal gusseting, and a formed one piece radius truss. First they are 100% CAD designed and stress tested, then they are laser cut and CNC bent to insure precise fitment, then they are jigged in Camburg’s proprietary fixture designed 100% in CAD.

Each and every kit and most products that Camburg sells are made right in the back of the shop, they have multiple welding stations setup along with a couple CNC machines and plenty of material in stock.

Camburg keeps most of its products in stock at all times and ready for shipping as soon as you order them. They have quite an inventory of parts and are always shipping and receiving more each day!

Their KINETIK trophy truck is prepped in house and is racing the full Best In The Desert season in 2011 plus the SNORE Mint 400.

Camburg has a couple shop projects of their own going on which include a new Ranger Prerunner which they will use to prerun the races they are entered in with their trophy truck. Also a Bronco prerunner currently is one of their own personally projects in the shop right now.

Thanks to Camburg for letting Race-Dezert.com stop by for a shop tour. Their setup is very impressive and be sure to check out the rest of the pictures of their shop and projects below. For any questions about their products please visit their website at www.camburg.com

their race proven tecnology and quality engineering make them a forerunner in modern suspension systems
hi em i am baja california sur so i have a ford ranger 2001
and i want to know how much it costs a prerunner suspencion
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    Bernie Coates
  • January 31, 2014
Where are the pictures? All I see is the first one.