Casey Currie / 2021 Sertoes Rally Stage 3

Sertoes Rally Stage 3 was a little rougher than yesterday’s top 3 finish. A flat tire and thick dust hindered efforts to make ground on the overall standings. On the rally Casey Currie now sits 14th overall, just over 13 minutes off the lead and 7th in class.

On the positive side! Our Fox Shocks, KMC Wheels and Nitto Tires have arrived! Super excited to get these put on for the remaining stages.

“Alright Stage 3 is in the books. It started out killer, we had an awesome pace in the beginning, it was super fun. Then about 45 KMs in we got a flat. Sean got out and changed it quick, under 3 minutes by the time we stopped and got going again. We kept going and never got passed by anybody. A car caught up when we got going and buzzed us, pulled over and waited 30 seconds for them to get by. Then lose another 30 seconds with dust and then push hard again and then boom. Get caught by one more guy and had to pull over again and lost a couple more minutes right there.

Rather than that we pushed really hard at the end caught one guy back and passed them. I don’t know where we finished but we lost like 8 or 9 minutes on the day because the dust was crazy bad. It’s very difficult when the roads are very narrow and there’s a cliff on one side and rocks on the other. It is what it is, we’ll keep pushing hard. We’re doing good for the overall, I just don’t like to make mistakes. It looks like a rock went between the caliper and the wheel and just blew the wheel apart. Not our fault, just kind of bad luck, we’ll keep pushing. The next day is a loop stage, should be similar terrain, we’ll make some adjustments and go from there.” – Casey

Tomorrow’s stage will be a loop stage, the only loop stage during the rally, ending back in the same bivouac here in Sao Raimundo Nonato. This gives the assistance teams a rest from packing and hauling all of the chase rigs and gear to the next town while the racing continues.

The Special will start straight away from the bivouac and Casey and Sean will have a 306 KM Special, just under 200 miles.


Mar 22, 2001
Trinidad and Tobago
I enjoy the daily check-ins from team Casey.
Today you can see the first fractures of fatigue showing up.
Not a defeat, instead more tiredness

Thats what Rally Raids are all about. Offroad racing similar to Baja + Navigation + Mindfulness of not just the driver but every human asset in the team.

A few more days/stages and it will all blure into this mush of time. A state where you no longer no if its a dream or day, the beginning pr the end. You want it to be over yet you don't want it to ever stop.

For myself just driving a simple press car the dreams where you process fetails after detail of the rally will intensely continue for avout a week after the event and flashbacks flashbacks for 6months. This is a good think.

Looking forward to more check-ins throughout the Rally.