Casey Currie / 2021 Sertoes Rally Stage 8 Recap

Stage 8 was a short and quick paced day. Casey and Sean had no issues along the special, handling blocked roads and waist deep water crossings. The two now sit in 8th Overall after 8 days of racing.

“Stage 8 was a good one. Started around 20th and just kept pushing hard. We made up a lot of time, it was actually a really good day. 30KM from the finish a car had flipped over and blocked the whole road. Sean and I had to get out of the car and flip them over. It took about 4 or 5 minutes, we lost a little time there which we are getting back through the organization. After that it was just dusty, there was like 10 cars all in a small group.

Overall, it was a great day, now we moved up to 8th overall. We literally just dug ourselves out of a hole. We know the Polaris has potential, I’m excited to come back, we know what we need. It’s just more and more exciting every day, we had an absolute blast. The terrain was very different today, water, very tight roads with rocks, and a little bit of everything. It was definitely a unique day and we pushed hard.” – Casey Currie

Tomorrow the teams will have to make the 300KM liaison trek to Tamandare in order to finish the rally. There will be no special after weather prevented the course to be used. The competitors will still have a time limit they will need to finish the liaison in to not get a penalty.