Casey Currie Dakar 2019 Adventure Update – Scrutineering & Podium Ceremony


With a little bit of a later start the team left for the local air force base for team credentials and scrutineering.


The credential process consists of a maze of different stops, one by one checking off all necessary requirements. Luckily our team was one step ahead and got most of the requirements done ahead of time, so our line was a little bit shorter.

After that we headed over to scrutineering. There was already a massive line as each team tries to finish as early as possible.

The T4 Truck towers over Casey’s Can-Am Maverick X3.

The team gets each piece of gear checked.

A giant plane hanger was the location for scrutineering.

Scrutineering is the equivalent to tech, everything and I mean everything gets checked. Tires, shocks, helmets, gloves, neck restraints, head sock, socks, shoes, seat belts, roll cage, gas tank, etc. Every vehicle has to go through this process and the smallest infraction could mean that your race is over before it ever began. For us that isn’t the case, we finished up the paperwork and the Can-Am was placed into Parc Ferme. Once the car is placed into Parc Ferme no one is allowed to touch the vehicle, other than for the podium ceremony, until the race begins.

Casey’s Can-Am Maverick X3 sits locked in Parc Ferme.

1/6 | Podium Ceremony

Thousands upon thousands of people fill into the bivouac area as today is the Podium Ceremony.

While walking over to the Podium Ceremony, Casey was bombarded with fans, each one wanting a photo.

For those who have to been to Baja, the Podium Ceremony is similar to Contingency. Each vehicle goes across the stage to be interviewed and interact with the crowds, Casey did so in typical baja fashion, tossing out stickers to the masses. After the podium each car goes back to Parc Ferme and will remain there until tomorrow and the start of the race.

Casey tosses stickers to the crowd. Photo by MCH Photo

Photo by MCH Photo

A few enthusiastic Peruvian fans, proud to have the Dakar 2019 rally hosted entirely in their home country.

Local Peruvian Dancers perform in front of the crowd.

Fans line the cliffside that overlooks the beach hoping to get a view of the Podium Ceremony celebration.

The day concluded with a team briefing before the big day.