Casey Currie / Top 10 At Sertoes Rally

Casey and Sean take 8th overall out 90 UTV’s at the Sertoes Rally. 10 days of competing and over 2500 miles raced. With some of the best terrain and intense competition where every day the top 35 were within 10 minutes.

The final special was cancelled due to weather damaging the race course. The competitors still had to complete 300 KM to reach the finish line in the beach town of Tamandare.

“Sertões rally is complete! Finisher pin this year, honestly it was a phenomenal race. The challenge was real, the competition is so fierce here. We finished 8th and I think everyday if you average it out, we lost less than 5 minutes a day. Overall, I think the top 30 racers were all within 45 minutes total for the whole rally. It’s pretty wild, if you lose 3 minutes on the day, you’re going to go from top 5 to 20th to 30th.

It was an amazing experience, the terrain was unbelievable, fast and crazy technical roads, it was just a lot of fun everyday. There was never a section of whoops or miserable section where you would get beat up in the RZR. It was all fun and fast.

All in all, the Polaris RZR did a phenomenal job, for having a bone stock RZR it really was good. I’m excited to come back and do it again. We made a lot of great friends, the competitors are fierce but they’re friendly as ever when we get to the bivouac. We met a lot of new friends. I just want to come back down to Brazil, it’s a beautiful country. Thank you to RZR for letting us come out here and accept the journey, and the complete RZR family for taking care of us while we were here. Thank you everybody and we’ll be back!” – Casey Currie