Casey Currie / Top 3 Overall in Stage 2 of the 2021 Sertoes Rally

Stage 2 was a solid day with Casey and Sean making up valuable time on the overall rankings and taking 3rd overall on the day and 2nd in Class. Stellar driving and navigation put them right in the hunt with 7 days to go. The stage was the longest total distance of the rally at 509 KM with a slightly longer special than stage 1. More of the same hard pack dirt roads put Casey in his happy place once again.

“Stage 2, getting a lot better and learning. This time I pushed from the beginning, and we just had a good day with no mistakes. Sean did a fantastic job co-driving. We we’re just pushing and kept making passes. We kept a very good pace all day. I think we ended up 5th overall (updated to 3rd) and 2nd in Open Pro UTV, super excited. Our Polaris RZR has been phenomenal, we fueled it and that’s about it.

I think that there’s going to be a lot of people fading in the next couple days, I can see it already. Everyone’s pushing so hard that it’s easy to make mistakes, even for us. Just got to do our part and keep being safe and make this happen.

The terrain was similar to yesterdays, very tight with no whoops. So once again it was amazing! Crazy, tight and fast! It feels like it’s just wide enough for a UTV but it’s like 0-60 MPH and you’re usually sitting around 30-60 MPH and knocking off corners. Obviously, there is a ton of navigation, the road book was very thick today. There are notes almost every 5 to 6 seconds, Sean doesn’t even have time to reset his trip, it’s pretty wild when that happens. It’s awesome and every day is an adventure and we’re going to keep pushing for it!” – Casey

We’ve moved further inland now, and the scenery has gotten green once again, we look forward to seeing what type of new terrain we will face in the coming days. We’ve been told there can be water-crossings up to waist deep. Tomorrow’s stage will be quite a bit shorter at only 400 KM total with a 220 KM special. The competitors will have a long morning liaison of 146 KM and finish the day off with a short 38 KM one into our 4th bivouac of the rally in Sao Raimundo Nonato.

Casey and Sean will be 3rd off the line for stage 3. This will help eliminate dust, traffic and allow them to push even harder.