Category victory and a podium finish overall


Gabor Juhasz finished HunGarian Baja, sixth round of the World Cup and fourth round of the Hungarian championship, with a victory in category T3 and a 7th place overall in the World Cup classification and a 3rd position overall in the Hungarian championship classification.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to reach the finish line like this! I can hardly realise that beside the category victory I managed to score World Cup points also in the overall classification and finished on the podium in the Hungarian championship classification. Everything fell into place this weekend: I managed to drive cautiously, I drove at my own speed and at the car’s speed.

For me Sunday was not about enjoying racing, I tried to stick to the team’s strategy, and focused mostly on bringing the car home. This weekend was really tough on vehicles, but our car endured everything, I am very happy with it. Today’s careful driving was much harder than enjoying racing yesterday, I slowed down at each and every obstacle and sometimes it was a bad decision because I fell into some of those ditches I would have flown over yesterday. I was quite surprised that considering this the time was not so bad, but today really everything fell into place.

This result in big part depended on our mechanics, because they gave me an excellently prepared car, and then yesterday when it had to be rebuilt from its ashes, they did it and today I got an even better car” Gabor said after the finish.

HQ Racing cannot have a rest now: the next round of the World Cup will be Baja Poland, held in the northern part of Poland, near Szczecin, on 25-28 August.