Chad Hord wins the $25,000 AMSOIL Cup @ Crandon International Raceway! –

Chad Hord wins the $25,000 AMSOIL Cup @ Crandon International Raceway!

Hord gets a head start in his PRO 2 truck and holds off a field of PRO 4 drivers including Scott Douglas & Johnny Greaves


By Pat Schutte


CRANDON, Wisc., (Sept. 4, 2011) – Local racer Chad Hord (BOSS Snowplows/Nissan/AMSOIL) took advantage of a head start in is PRO 2 truck – followed feverously by a field of hungry PRO 4 drivers – and, with an added advantage of missing out on all the bumping going on behind him, raced and won the generous $25,000 cash prize purse put up by AMSOIL for the oil industry leader’s namesake Cup.


“We had a fast truck all weekend and raced four times, but after the last race we had about a thousand pounds of extra weight on our truck (mud) and it took a bunch of work from the team and my family and friends to clean ‘er all up,” said a beaming Hord from the podium. “I really have to thank my team for this one. Sure feels good.”


As both Hord and Mike Oberg (AMSOIL/BFG/King Shocks) – the lone PRO 2 drivers in the AMSOIL Cup race – were released from the gate early, Adrian Cenni (Atrium Payroll/Maxxis/Mastercraft Safety) pulled the PRO 4 holeshot and led the early chase of Hord and Oberg. Two laps into the AMSOIL Cup Cenni sketched, twice, and gave up the lead to Kyle Leduc (Rockstar/Makita/Toyo), with Johnny Greaves (Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis) and Scott Douglas (AMSOIL/BFG/MasterCraft Safety) in hot pursuit.


With the customary TORS Series competition yellow waved off for the AMSOIL Cup, Hord continued to pound out fantastic laps on the Crandon track, at times topping the PRO 4 drivers (1:22 to 1:23). Then, just before the six lap mark, Leduc made a mistake that allowed Douglas and Greaves to get by. And at that point in the race Hord was seven seconds up on Oberg and 11 seconds up on Douglas and Greaves.


With Ricky Johnson (Red Bull/KMC Wheels/Mopar/Ram) not able to answer the bell after tearing his truck up in the PRO 4 main earlier in the day, Douglas and Greaves became the only contenders with a chance at catching Oberg and Hord. By lap four they did just that with Oberg, then set their sights on AMSOIL Cup race leader Hord.


As the final few laps clicked off, Hord ran mistake-free. And while the two PRO 4 driver were able to peel back maybe a second each lap, Hord stayed strong and held off a mad rush from Douglas (2nd) and Greaves (3rd) at the finish line – each of whom was rewarded with $5,000 and $2,500, respectively, for their efforts.





Place No. Name Laps Adjust Last Time Fast Time Fast Lap
1 9-PRO 2 CHAD HORD 10 0 01:27.8 01:23.6 2
2 7-PRO 4 SCOTT DOUGLAS 10 0 01:23.6 01:22.1 2
3 22-PRO 4 JOHNNY GREAVES 10 0 01:24.2 01:22.1 2
4 99-PRO 4 KYLE LEDUC 10 0 01:24.1 01:21.9 2
5 4-PRO 4 TODD LEDUC 10 0 01:25.4 01:23.9 3
6 47-PRO 4 MIKE JENKINS 10 0 01:25.9 01:24.0 5
7 80-PRO 2 MIKE OBERG 10 0 01:29.9 01:25.5 2
8 25-PRO 4 MARK JENKINS 10 0 01:36.7 01:23.3 2
9 6-PRO 4 CASE GUNDERSON 10 0 01:32.6 01:24.6 3
10 43-PRO 4 CURT LEDUC 6 0 01:24.5 01:23.8 5
11 83-PRO 4 STEVE BARLOW 5 0 01:26.3 01:26.3 5
12 11-PRO 4 ADRIAN CENNI 1 0 01:40.8 01:40.8 1



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