Champions Are Crowned And Egos Are Bruised

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series made its last and final stop at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in sunny Southern California. After 15 Rounds of action packed no-holds bard in your face racing action, the score has been settled and champions have been crowned.

Its crunch time, racers and fans alike could feel the tension from a mile away, a lot can be lost in this final round.

First to take the track in the hunt for a championship was the Modified Kart class. Besides the added pressure of attempting to back up the 2012 Modified Kart Championship, Myles Cheek came to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park with the determination in his eyes to finish the 2013 season the right way. It was a tough battle at the front of the field; every kid in the top 10 was capable of running away with the race at any moments notice. The always-energetic Travis Pecoy was making moves on the field like most had never seen before. Although Pecoy would later go down with a mechanical failure, the future is promising for the young FMF sponsored driver.

After the checkered flag was waived, Myles Cheek would cross the finish line in the first place position followed by Parker Steele and Cole Mamer. This victory would solidify the 2013 Modified Kart Championship for Myles Cheek, backing up his 2012 title in grand fashion.

Mod Kart Results
1. Myle Cheek
2. Parker Steele
3. Cole Mamer

Opening ceremonies kicked off with the Pro 2 Unlimited 16 lap main event. Rob MacCachren led the points coming into the 15th and final round and would have one of the largest targets on his back because Brian Deegan and Carl Renezeder were hot on his heals in the quest for a championship.

Right off of the start, Mike Porter would go end over end bring the excitement of the main event into reality. Brian Deegan, Bryce Menzies and Rob MacCachren would lead the field into turn one, and the chaos would than ensue. Shortly after the restart, arch rivals Carl Renezeder and Robby Woods would get tangled up in turn four; locking horns and unable to free themselves until it was too late. Renezeder would suffer nominal damage from the tangle and send him straight to the hot-pits. Just two laps later, a full course red flag (caused by a vehicle fire) would also claim Kimbrell, LeDuc, Seifert and eventually Carl Renezder.

With Renezeder out of title contention, the battle for the championship was focused at the front of the field where race leader Brian Deegan and Bryce Menzies battled it out in fear of being caught by points leader Rob MacCachren. Closing the distance, Rob MacCachren would push his #21 Pro 2 to the breaking point. MacCachren would lose power and suffer severe mechanical failure, limping it around the track lap after lap.

When it was all said and done, Brian Deegan would end up on the top of the podium followed by Bryce Menzies and Marty Hart. MacCachren wouldn’t be able to finish all of his remaining laps but after close calculation, MacCachren would edge out Brian Deegan for the 2013 Pro 2 Unlimited Championship.

Pro 2 Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. Bryce Menzies
3. Marty Hart

Pro Lite’s are notorious for being one of the most action packed and drama filled races of the entire series, Round 15 did not let anybody down. Championship points leader Brian Deegan just needed to show up to Lake Elsinore and take a green flag in order to secure his 3rd Pro Lite Unlimited Championship. As it would be, Deegan qualified at the top of his class and positioned himself in the front row lined up against young gun Noah Fouch. Directly behind Deegan was last years Pro Lite Champion RJ Anderson and Pro Lite rookie Kyle Hart. Out of sight due to a mishap in qualifying was the second place points leader “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed, and although he was deep in the field, you can never count Creed out.

After an intense battle between Noah Fouch, RJ Anderson, Kyle Hart and Sheldon Creed had just began to heat up; Kyle Hart went for a wild ride barrel rolling his ReadyLift Pro Lite down the largest downhill on the track. The track went to a full course red caution while medical staff evaluated Hart and the pieces to his truck were recovered.

After a game of follow the leader, Rj Anderson crossed the finish line just ahead of 2 of the hardest working privateers in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series; Justin “Bean” Smith and Jimmy Fishback.

Prolite Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. Justin “Bean” Smith
3. Jimmy Fishback

Just when you thought that the racing action couldn’t be more exciting, the Pro 4 main event was just right around the corner. 12 trucks staged for the main event with the 2012 Pro Lite Champion and Pro 4 new comer RJ Anderson sitting on the pole.

Anderson would get his welcoming into the class by being pushed into the wall just after the first turn on lap one. Anderson would DNF and the pressure of not letting a “kid” beat the cagey veterans was lifted. Eric Barron and his LAT Toyota got off to an early lead and he was merely unchallenged throughout the entire race from start to finish. Kyle LeDuc was on the hunt for the first place position until Carl Renezeder spun LeDuc coming out of turn 2. LeDuc would be forced to work his way all the way from the back of the field and ironically finish in the third place position behind Carl Renezeder.

Pro 4 Results
1. Eric Barron
2. Carl Renezeder
3. Kyle Leduc

The gloves are off, and it’s time for some Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Challenge Cup racing action. It’s the final race of the year, no more points, no more friends and no more holding back. There is only one thing on the minds of these drivers- CASH, and lots of it!!































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  • October 29, 2013
Lucas Pro Truck racing just doesn't get any better than the Pro-Truck Challenge held at Elsinore. At times it almost resembled a demolition derby and the crowds was lovin’ every minute of it! Trucks were hot. Drivers were hot. And spectators were on their feet. Too bad the event was tainted by a totally unwarranted last lap black flag to Eric Barron which cost him the race. There's a lot of speculation that the LAT RACING OILS logo on his door had much to do with it. The bump he was black flagged for is typical in Pro 2 and Pro 4 and amounted to a nothing hit in comparison to the total carnage of that race. Woods was super fast in his Pro 2 Lucas sponsored Chevy and locked in a dual to the death battle for the lead with Barron in his LAT Racing Oils Pro 4 machine. Entering into the final lap Woods had a slight edge. He drove into one of the tight final turns hot and came out wide leaving the door open for Barron. Barron dove low, stood on it and thanks to his 4WD and skill came out with the lead which he carried to the finish. If the trucks had switched places in that corner, Woods or any other driver would have made the same move. To disqualify Barron, a privateer, for what amounts to just hard racing gives the entire series a black eye and brings all of its officiating into question. Come on guys. We love what Lucas has given us with this awesome series but let's play fair. Credit where credit is due. As noted in this case Barron is a privateer which makes the call even more unfortunate. Looking at that call just may have others hoping to enter the class have second thoughts. Not taking anything away from the flying Woods, but in my experienced opinion this was a bad call for everyone.