Champions Are Crowned At TORC

Championships were decided and it came down to the last day of racing for the 2012 TORC season. Prolite, Pro 2, and Pro 4 would all have champions crowned in front of the Antelope Valley crowd. With two rounds of racing scheduled to go down, tensions would be running high with racers not wanting to throw away a championship in the first round.

The first champ to be crowned was Ricky Johnson in his Redbull / KMC Wheels Pro 4 truck. An emotional scene on the track was when Johnny Greaves started Round 13 in Rick Huseman’s Pro 4 after blowing a motor while getting to staging. With the permission of the Huseman family, Greaves started in the back, but not wanting to damage Huseman’s work of art Greaves just cruised around the course giving Ricky Johnson enough points to clinch the championship. An emotional Greaves pulled off the course after the finish to take a moment to himself to take in the emotional roller coaster of a day. Seeing Huseman’s truck out on the course one more time was very surreal and people in attendance were lucky to see it run one more time. This would give Ricky Johnson and Menzies Motorsports back to back Pro 4 championships.

Prolite was expected to be a close battle between Brad Lovell and Andrew Caddell, but that was extinguished after Matt Cook blatantly took Caddell out of the race in Round 13. After some contact in a corner, Cook never let off the gas and tried to drive through Caddell, fatally damaging his rear suspension and making his championship run all but forgotten. With that Lovell just had to run a smart race in Round 14, and while the triple Monster threat of RJ Anderson, CJ Greaves, and Casey Currie took control of the podium, it was Lovell who won the war and his first Prolite championship. Last weekend Lovell won the Ultra 4 Championship with his brother Roger, giving Lovell Racing two championships in two weeks.

In the closest battle of the day, Bryce Menzies and Rob MacCachren would go into Round 14 with only a few points separating the two. It came down to whoever beat the other would walk away with the title of Pro 2 Champion. Rob Mac would find his way to the front of the pack with Bryce in tow, but a small mistake would push him into a k-rail and damage his rear suspension, not letting him finish the race. With that Menzies had clean air and would finish the race in first place, giving him his second Pro 2 title in as many years. Many short course teams claim to be “Super Teams”, but only Menzies Motorsports have the trophies on the wall to back up that name.

Tomorrow fans will come to honor Rick and Jeff Huseman as racers from all sides of short course come together to put it all on the line in the name of a legend.

TORC Prolite Champion
Brad Lovell

TORC Pro 2 Champion
Bryce Menzies

TORC Pro 4 Champion
Ricky Johnson

Photos by Jason Zindroski