Champions crowned at Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series

A packed house watched the final round of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona.  The track is moto style; short and very technical; only 5 turns, but some tricky jumps and bumps and tough to find room to pass.  Overall it made for an exciting day of racing.

Pro 4 – Rick Huseman already captured the 2010 championship, but that didn’t matter as Rick drove like he still had something left to prove. The Pro 4 race began with Travis Coyne and Mike Johnson on the poll, Kyle Leduc and Carl Renezeder in row and Adrian Cenni and Huseman in the third row.  At the start of the race, Cenni and Huseman got caught up and found themselves in the back of the pack.  Carl quickly took the lead and was way ahead until the mandatory caution. Meanwhile, Huseman began picking his way through the field and seemed to be able to pass at will, by the time the mandatory caution flag flew he was in second place.

At the restart, Huseman and Carl battled it out for the lead, but Huseman was just too fast and quickly pulled ahead.  Shortly after that Carl had engine issues and pulled off of the track.  After that it was just a matter of whether Huseman was going to lap the slower traffic.  The race for second and third was set as Kyle Leduc and Travis Coyne held their respective spot and pulled away for the podium finish.

Remarkably for the year, Rick Huseman set a new short course record as he won 10 of the 15 events.  He really was that much faster than everyone else throughout the year and will most likely be a heavy favorite to win the Pro2 VS Pro 4 Cup Race for the money.

1st – Rick Huseman

2nd – Kyle Leduc

3rd – Travis Coyne

Pro Lite – With a championship on the line, Chris Brandt and Marty Hart were the only two in contention for the overall points title.  Marty entered the race in the points lead and needed to just finish the race in order to win the title.  At the start of the race, Matt Loiodice pulled away with a solid lead and had Brian Deegan, Brandt and Hart chasing him.  After the mandatory caution, Liodice was passed by Deegan and Brandt after his vehicle noticeably slowed.  Deegan and Brandt battled it out for the lead, but Deegan put a solid race together and got the win.  Marty Hart managed to finish in 4th place, thus sealing the Pro Lite Championship

1st – Brian Deegan

2nd – Chris Brandt

3rd – Matt Liodice

Pro 2 – Just like the Pro 4 class, Rob MacCachren had the LOORS Championship in the bag, but that didn’t stop him from adding another win to his resume.  The Pro 2 race began with Rodrigo Ampudia and Robby Woods on the poll, Carl Renezeder and Brian Deegan in row 2 and Rob Mac in the 3rd row.  Rod Amp put on a great first half of the race as he managed to hold the lead as he fought off Rob Mac’s attempts to pass.  Unfortunately for Rodrigo, his engine broke down just before the mandatory caution and he had to be towed from the track.

At the caution, Rob Mac was in the lead, followed by Carl Renezeder, Woods and Bryce Menzies.  Rob and Carl pulled away for an easy first and second place leaving Woods and Menzies to battle it out for third.  Time after time, Bryce attempted to pass, but somehow Woods managed to hold him off and not let him get by.

For the year Rob Mac was consistently on his game as he nearly perfectly almost every race.  Congratulations to his team for a solid year.

In other classes, Cameron Steele won the race and the championship in the Unlimited Buggy class and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg won the championship for the Super Lite class.