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Chase Motorsports Mason Gen 2 6100/Spec TT

Travis Chase’s family and the Chase Motorsports team has a long history in desert racing.  His father Don Chase started in the 80’s with a class 10 single seater and a Raceco two seater.  His first race was on his 30th birthday December 3rd 1983 at the Barstow 250.

A couple decades later Travis started racing his dads old 1600 car in 2005 which was a single seat Chenowth 1600.  A few years later in 2009 they moved up to an ES Motorsports class 1 and raced it in the MORE series to get some seat time.  They ended up with a couple wins and a MORE Championship that year.  Not bad for a rookie in class 1.

Travis Chase’s first car in 2005.

In 2010 they raced Best in the Desert and won rookie of the year and almost had the class 1 championship as well.  But being the first year of BITD having a throw out race they weren’t able to secure the championship.  If it was based on total points they would have won it.

Fast forward to 2016 and they had Jakes Fabworks build a 5 Unlimited car.  They had many wins over the years in this car and won back to back championships in 2018 and 2019 in the BITD series.

A couple years later they decided to jump into the 6100/Spec TT class with a new Mason Motorsports Gen 1.  They had many podiums and almost had the 2019 championship but came in a close 2nd.  Another notable race was the 2019 Mint which he won day 1 overall in the 5 unlimited and missed the day 2 win by 1 minute and 13 seconds in the 6100 truck.

New for 2021 is the Mason Motorsports Gen 2 6100/Spec TT.  They just took 2nd at the inaugural LEGACY race by a mere 7 seconds.  Keep an eye out for the Chase Motorsports team at King of the Hammers, NORRA 1000, the full LEGACY series and the SCORE Baja 1000 in 2021!

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Chassis: 2021 Mason Motorsports Gen 2 6100 / Spec TT
Wheelbase: 124”
Engine: Turn Key LS3
Cooling: CBR
Exhaust: Mason
Plumbing: Mason
Transmission: Culhane TH400
Driveline: Driveline Specialties
Third member: Even Weller Racing
Brakes: Brembo
Fuel Cell: Harmon
Tires: 40” BFGoodrich KR3
Wheels: Forged Ultra Wheel
Body: Mason Carbon body
Suspension: Mason custom design with aluminum uprights and aluminum rear links
Rear Housing: Tubeworks
Shocks: front: 3” Fox coil over w/ 3.5” 6 tube bypass rear: 3” Fox coil over w/ 4” 6 tube bypass
Suspension Tuning: SDG
Steering: Howe
Paneling: Carbon Walker Industries off Mason molds
Skid Plates: Aluminum
Electronics: Motec Dashes
Wiring: James Linn Racing
Lights: Baja Designs
Communication: PCI Race Radios
Seats: Carbon Cobra seats
Safety: Impact belts, Safecraft flame out
Additional Features: Howe on board jacking system, 1life trauma kit