Check it out! – Week 23 on RDC –

Check it out! – Week 23 on RDC


Too busy to follow the fast pace of in every detail? No problem. Here is a chance to follow some of this weeks Hot Topics in off-road racing without spending all day searching for them. This is where our “Editors Picks” come in. We hope you will enjoy our favorites as much as we do.


  • We have just finished adding the TORC series to our grid points chart. The results are up and current as of last weekends race. Be sure to keep up with who’s on top in all of the classes and who’s making a move while others are falling behind!
  • DC Shoes & Mad Media have released a new Gymkhana video this week. Like the first one it features Ken Block and his STI doing some insane driving. This one was filmed at the LA Harbor and presents many new challenges and lots of pyrotechnics. Does the car fall off the dock into the water? Be sure to check it out:
  • RDC member GunnSlinger claims to have read every single post ever made on RDC. He has compiled a list of his own of some of the most memorable threads over the history of RDC. Do you remember posting in these threads?
  • A thread has started about which high dollar prerunner in existence is the “baddest” one out there. While many of the very nice Geiser trucks are on that list there are also some that are not as highly known. Have you seen a super nice prerunner in Baja or maybe at an offroad expo? Let us know which one you think is the best out there:
  • If you haven’t seen it already, we are running a monthly contest on RDC where users submit pictures or video of RDC sightings. At the end of each month we pick the top 5 and put it to a vote. The winner receives a different prize every month and this month we are stepping it up with the help of Bully Dog who is kicking in an awesome prize. This month you can submit Bully Dog sightings also. Check out the thread and find out what the Bully Dog prize is for June:
  • RDC contributor Armin Schwarz wrote an easy to read story about your typical Baja 500 tech inspection. Right in time as this weekend the TECATE SCORE Baja 500 is on the menu.
  • Starting Friday 6am we will audio broadcast the SCORE Baja 500 Weatherman channel live on as we do for every Baja race. Go see our front page for the link to launch the audio player.


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