Classified: OBS Spirit Racing Luxury Prerunner

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Let’s take a look at this truck that was built by Spirit Racing that recently came up for sale. Spirit Racing is a long-time prerunner and race truck builder that has been known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Asking Price: $189,000

Located in Montclair, Ca 

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This 1993 Ford F150 street-legal luxury prerunner was originally built by Spirit Racing in 2016 and features a Texas Speed 600 crank horsepower GM LS Stroker paired to a Cullhane Th400 transmission. The seller recently had the entire truck down to the frame for a fresh prep that included new heims, powder coating, fluid changes, shock service, driveshaft, rear gear, axles, all fluid lines, and race alternator. There have been 150 miles of prerunning for the 2022 San Felipe 250 since the last prep. 

The F150 has a custom I-Beam suspension that has 24″ of wheel travel paired to a 3.0 Cerakoted King coil over and 3.0 bypass shock that has recently been serviced by SDG suspension. The steering has a Howe ram assist connected to Howe 700 Series Saginaw steering box and TT pump. 

The rear suspension is a custom 4-link that cycles 28″ of wheel travel paired to a 3.0 Cerakoted King coil over and 3.5 Bypass shock. The rear is the 10″ Evan Weller Racing third member with 5.43 gearing and 40 spline 300m axles in a custom housing built by Camburg Racing. 

The custom brown leather interior was done by Resurrection Custom Upholstery in El Cajon that features a new dash, custom mil-spec wiring, automatic windows, air conditioning, intercom, and race radio. On the dash are dual Holly engine management system 7″ screens and a Lowrance GPS system. Under the racing seats is an onboard Co2 bottle with hose and Hostyle door bags. The Safecraft fire suppression system is located between both front seats. The entire underside and firewall of the truck are Line-X bed liner on the outside, and the interior is completely layered in DynoMat to reduce the noise inside.

The wheelbase has been shortened; that is why the rear Fiberwerx fiberglass bedside overlaps the cab’s rear. On the front, the F150 is a complete 1-piece hood from Fiberwerx as well. 

The seller recently had 40″ Toyo racing tires installed on KMC beadlock wheels. They recently had new Jamar front and rear hubs with new rotors with Wilwood Aero6 six-piston Calipers on each wheel. 

All the new sheet metal work was recently finished to cover the back half of the truck. A 90-gallon fuel cell is located in the rear of the truck and has recently been serviced by Harmon, and the owner is going to include a full tank of fuel upon purchase of the truck along with various spare parts for it. 

Note from Seller: “You will not find a nicer well-put-together prerunner out there (that isn’t $400k) that can handle everything from prerunning, chasing, Norra, taking kids to school, or even hitting the desert on the weekends. Must see to truly appreciate the attention to detail and well thought out truck.”

Chassis: 1993 Ford F150 built by Spirit Racing
Weight: 5950 lbs
Engine: 408 LS Stroker
Body: Fiberwerx
Transmission: Cullhane Th400 Prerunner Trans
Cooling: CBR Radiator and Coolers
Fuel Cell: 90 Gallon Harmon fuel-cell
Tires: 40″ Toyo Tires
Wheels: KMC Beadlocks
Front Suspension: Spirit Racing I-Beams King shocks 3.0 Coilover 3.0, 24″ wheel travel 
Rear Suspension: 4-link King King shocks 3.0 Coilover and 3.5 Bypass Shocks, 28″ wheel travel
Axle: Evan Weller Racing 10inch, 40 Spline 300m Axles and Camburg rear end
Gearing: 5.43 gearing 
Steering: Howe 700 Series Saginaw steering box
Radio: PCI Radios and coms
Navigation: Lowrance & Ipad 
Seats: Mastercraft 3G seats
Brakes: Wilwood Aero6 Calipers 
Hubs: Jamar Front & Rear Hubs
Safety: Mastercraft 3G seats
Interior: Resurrection Custom Upholstery
Lights: Rigid 360 Lights


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Jul 30, 2020
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Corona California
Cool idea and nice execution.
Thank you. I was truly upset at seeing a $300,000 Trophy Truck with a description like "great truck, ready to race" in one photo. But I understand it, they might not have the time or ability to craft a beautiful story that highlights their truck in a great way. We can do it for them.

Crusty Shellback

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Dec 7, 2017
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It's all about the presentation.

Great job. And great idea to help these guys out with big money builds.

I've seen a few in the classified section and wondered why they were not done better.