Conlon Overalls BITD Silver State 300 -

Conlon Overalls BITD Silver State 300

Kyle Conlon led his Jimco buggy to the top spot in today’s BITD Silver State 300 race. Racing 300 miles through some of the most scenic areas in Nevada, Conlon took the class 1500 win, as well as the overall win. Adam Householder recorded his first win in Trophy Truck by beating out BJ Baldwin by less then a minute on corrected time. As the sun and temperature dropped in East Nevada so did the race vehicles, each putting their hearts and souls into finishing but unfortunately sometimes mechanical problems put that on hold.

Honorable mention goes out to Shannon Campbell who was 23rd overall racing in his Ultra 4 “rock crawlin rig”. Across the dry lake bed Shannon said he got her up to 124 mph, faster then some trophy truck and class 1500 cars. Starting that far in the back, and having to stop at EVERY pit to fuel up, it makes you wonder where he would end up in the standings if he entered class 1. Say what you want about rock crawlers in desert racing, but Shannon is always fun to watch, has talent, and him and his family have a great passion for all things dirt.

Up next for BITD is the famous Vegas 2 Reno race in August. Stay tuned!

(All spelling and grammar mistakes are due to silt of the brain)

Top 20 Unofficial Results
1. Kyle Conlon
2. Pat Dean
3. Adam “1450 kid” Householder
4. BJ Baldwin
5. Rick Johnson
6. Mikey Childress
7. Steve “Good Apple” Appleton
8. Corey Keysar
9. Steve “Did he get a new truck?” Strobel
10. Jesse Jones
11. Garrick Freitas
12. Steve “Corona” Sourapas
13. Chris Kemp
14. Bobby Baldwin Chad Ragland
15. Greg Nunley
16. Mark Weyhrich
17. Sean Mecham
18. Vince Galewick
19. Nick Campbell
20. TJ Flores

Photos by HighRev Photography

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