Labor Day Weekend = Crandon Season Finale

Day two of the Labor Day weekend resembled the  Fall racing we came here to see. Perfect blue sky.  T-shirt temperatures.  Large crowds in attendance. 

The first pro race started at 10:30am. 


Both Rick Huseman and Johnny Greaves had a fair shot at the Pro4 title as this race concludes the season.  Rick would have to win and Johnny had to finish no better then forth for Rick to get his name on the TORC series title.

Right after the green flag dropped Ken Kincaid got the hole shot closely followed by Greaves and Huseman.  By turn 4 the pressure of the two Monster Energy trucks on Kincaid turns out to be too much as he cleared the course for the big boys. 

Then still within the first lap Greaves gave way to Huseman after a small driving mistake and Huseman never looked back until the end of the race.

Scott Douglas consistently defended for a third place finish.

Adrian Cenni in forth had Kyle LeDuc creeping up from behind.  There was some rubbing between the two and after some contact, Cenni approached the “Traxxis Launch Zone” jump sideways crashing into a concrete pillar.  His day was done but not before his rear tire ripped off in the violent crash.  It bounced into the opposite track and hit Huseman’s truck dead square in the front grill.  No harm done other than some cosmetic damage. 

Huseman wins the race while Greaves finishes less then one car length after him to win the overall TORC series championship.  

Top 3 Finishers
1. Rick Huseman
2. Johnny Greaves
3. Scott Douglas


Ricky Johnson holds the points lead for the championship title with a 5point lead over Rob MacCachren going into the race. 

Starting with the first turn Dan Vanden Heuvel takes the lead from the group and never gives it away.  He wins his final Pro2 race as he retires from racing after the weekend.

Ricky Johnson managed to land in second place after turn one and retained that position when the checkered flag dropped.  This didn’t come easy as Scott Taylor briefly moved into second place late into the race but had to ultimately settle for third. 

Rob MacCachren had to pull into the pits for a tire change right before the yellow flag and had to work his way into the lead pack lap by lap after the green flag dropped.

Rob finished in 4th place, giving the Pro2 TORC series championship to RJ.

Robby Gordon just like Saturday had a poor outcome as he ran in the rear of the group until he eventually pulled over after he lost a engine belt and his engine started to overheat dangerously.  

Top 3 Finishers:
1. Dan Vanden Heuvel
2. Ricky Johnson
3. Scott Taylor


The ProLite race was rather uneventful with no major battles or position changes. 
Just like the previous day Casey Currie ran up front not only unchallenged but also with a huge gap behind him.

The weekend wins also earned him the TORC series championship in ProLite

Ross Hoek just like yesterday reached the podium with a second place today.

Todd Cunningham worked his way from the middle of the pack all the way to a third place. 

Marty Hart had early problems with his hood flipping over the windshield blocking his view after he plowed into Andrew Caddell.  He was forced to pit and lost lot’s of ground.  Later in the race he had to drop out with some technical problems.

This was the last time 4-cylinders will race at Crandon as the TORC series mandates v8 engines next season. 

Top 3 Finishers:
1. Casey Currie
2. Ross Hoek
3. Todd Cunningham 
AmsOil Cup

The race everyone waited for all weekend was the AmsOil Cup race with a large cash prize as a reward.  20 trucks lined with the Pro2 group starting first followed by the much faster Pro4 29 seconds later.

For the first time this weekend Robby Gordon’s bright orange Speed Factory Tv Pro2 was at the front of the field.  Unfortunately before the first lap was completed the driveshaft twisted and disabled all forward motion.

“It took me 2 practice races to be where I wanted to be…..then I did a liitle bit of a wheelie and it twisted the driveshaft.” is what Robby Gordon had to say later in the pits as he signed autographs.  

It took the Pro4’s just a few laps to catch and pass the Pro2’s.  Rick Huseman soon led the pack until one of his rear tires disintegrates and not only destroys part of his fiberglass body but also all chances for the big payday. 

Eventually Scott Douglas claims the front spot and never gives up to claim victory to the first ever AmsOil Cup.  Steve Barlow finished second closely followed by Johnny Greaves. 

The Pro4 clearly were the fastest trucks in this race.  The fastest Pro2’s took fourth with Rob MacCachren driving and fifth with Jeff Kincaid.

Top 3 Finishers
1. Scott Douglas
2. Steve Barlow
3. Johnny Greaves

This concludes the TORC season for 2010.  The first TORC race may be held again in Crandon come spring 2011

Photos by HighRev Photography