Crandon: Weather Cold – Racing Hot

It was a good sign that they have to water the truck just after it rained all night; prior to that all Friday track activities where canceled.  The weather finally turned more favorable towards racing.

Saturday PRO2wd
Since qualifying and practice were canceled Friday, TORC allowed for one lap of warmup prior to the the first Pro race of the day.

NASCAR’s Robby Gordon overshot turn 2 wide and parks it briefly in the grass outside the turn involuntarily.  Luckily this is practice and not racing.

While the crowd awaits the green flag the announcer calls out racer names to get the fans to cheer for the favorite driver.  Kincaid and Hord received the most love from the mostly local crowd.

Right after turn one Scott Taylor and Todd LeDuc get into each other and Todd loses.  His day is over.

The running order after lap one was Jeff Kincaid, Rob McCachren, Ricky Johnson, Jeremy McGrath.  Robby Gordon managed to be last or almost last.

No major position changes occurred throughout the race until Kincaid eventually pulled out of the race with some vehicle troubles.  However he did set fastest lap in this class with 1:21.54

Rob McCachren held the lead over Ricky Johnson until the last lap when Ricky set his truck up perfectly and was able to snatch the lead.  Rob tried but when the checkered flag dropped it was Ricky on the podium.

Top 3 Finishers:
1. Ricky Johnson
2. Rob McCachren
3. Jeremy McGrath


Right after the high speed famous Crandon turn one Casey Currie emerges ahead of the group for the lead, which he managed to defend for almost the remainder of the race.

Casey lead all laps until the last turn when Andrew Caddell bumps into him in the last turn rolling him over.  TORC awarded the win to Casey despite his roll over right before the finish line.

Andrew Caddell was in 2nd position through the finish.
21 3rd. Ross Hoek

Marty Hart ran up front in the top 4 until he fell out right before the mandatory yellow flag.

Top 3 Finishers:
1. Casey Currie
2. Andrew Caddell
3. Ross Hoek


The highlight race of the day brought out the big guns of TORC racing.

After the last turn of the first lap the field settled into Steve Barlow 83, Johnny Greaves 22, Scott Douglas 7, Mark Jenkins 25, Mike Jenkins 47, Rick Huseman 36, Adrian Cenni 11, Kyle LeDuc 99, Kurt LeDuc 43, Ken Kincaid 44.

Then soon after the 2nd lap on it was Monster vs Red Bull with Greaves ahead of Barlow, Douglas then Huseman.  Kyle dropped out of sight.

For the remainder of the race Johnny never gave up the lead and in fact widened the gap from the rest of the field.

Cenni raced his first TORC race this season and worked his way from 5th place slowly all the way to a 3rd place podium finish.

The big show was between Douglas and Huseman as they bumped into each other battling for second place.  Eventually Barlow rolled in the last turn of the track leaving him helpless on his roof while moments later Douglas caught on fire and pulled off the track.  Rescue workers attended to him quickly and put the fire out with no harm done to the driver.

Mark Jenkins rolled his truck also in the last turn over the outside wall.

Pro4x4 was by far the most exciting pro race of the day.  Let’s see what Sunday will have to offer.   Huseman set the fastest lap of the day 1:19.865 however wasn’t able to beat his old track record.

Top 3 Finishers
1. Johnny Greaves
2. Rick Huseman
3. Adrian “Wildman” Cenni