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CTR Racing – Shop Tour

CTR Racing is the next stop on the Race-Dezert.com world tour. CTR stands for Crinklaw Thurlow Racing and is the combined effort of owners Dave Crinklaw and Mike Thurlow.  This shop is located near Fresno, CA and thanks to Dan at Hostyle Racing we were able to setup a shop tour! The shop is centered in a vineyard where some of the grapes that are used in the famous “2 buck chuck” come from. From the outside you wouldnt think a top notch race shop would be located inside.

Front of Race Shop
Side Of Shop

When you first walk in the shop you enter the “prerunner” project section of the shop. Here they are building a newer a-arm F150 prerunner and also have a functioning 4wd Bronco that comes in handy when you hit the nasty silt beds of Baja.

Bronco Prerunner and Project F150
4WD Bronco Prerunner
Bronco With Working 4WD
F-150 Prerunner Project
Rear of F150

They have pretty much any machine you might need to fabricate every part of a race vehicle. From a sheer to tube benders to welders you will find it all here.

Sheer Machine

At CTR they wanted to do every part of the race prep in house so they built a custom “clean room” where they are able to take apart the shocks themselves and rebuild them in a controlled clean environment.

Clean Room
Shock Clean Room

Out in the race shop you will also find a 4 seater prerun buggy and a project truck.

4 Seater
Project Truck

Another nice feature of the CTR shop is the ability to park all of their support vehicles inside the shop. The weather outside gets very cold and snows in the winter and get blistering hot in the summer. Having everything inside makes it much easier to maintain and makes the ability to work on it much easier. Even the Semi Trailer fits inside!

Semi Trailer
Inside the Semi

This shop has the cleanest/nicest bathroom we have yet to see on our shop tours, it even has a shower!

Bathroom With Shower
Clean Bathroom

There is lots of room to work on the race cars in their section of the shop.

Race Car Section

Their class 8 truck which was listed recently on Race-Dezert.com just sold this week!

Class 8 Truck

One of the coolest parts of the CTR shop is the Saloon or meeting room. It is done up in full country west decor and features a pool table and a complete bar. This is a great place to have your team meetings at!

Bar in the Saloon
Bar Seats

The CTR race teams consist of:

Crew Chief – Gerald Richardson

Terry Barsoom, Chris Crossland, Nick Huerta, Gary Thompson, Mike Llewellyn, Charlie York, Jeff Kinghorn, Jerry Bischel, James Crinklaw, Richard Vaccari, Mike Ganshorn, Tami Crinklaw, Peggy Thurlow, Katherine Thompson, Michelle Huerta, Rick Ellison, Michael Thurlow

Be sure to check out the rest of the shop in the pictures below.

Thanks once again to Dave and Mike at CTR Racing for letting Race-Dezert.com come check out their awesome race shop! Stay tuned to Race-Dezert.com in a couple weeks for a complete feature on their #27 Trophy Truck!

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    John Nelson
  • February 24, 2011
Awsome shop guys...the trucks looks nice too. Thanks for the ride at the Parker pre-run.