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Dailey Engineering – Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com hit the road again and this time ended up in Temecula, CA at Dailey Engineering. Dailey Engineering is the manufacture of Roots Style Dry Sump Pumps used in high end racing applications. The company was founded 26 years ago by Bill Dailey, the father of famed offroad racer Pat Dailey. Dailey Engineering started out as an engineering consulting firm and helped Nissan design what would now days be a Trophy Truck. Today Dailey is the industry leader in custom designed oil sump pumps. They design pumps for the biggest names in racing including Joe Gibbs, TRD, Penske, Kroyer, Danzio, Andy McMillin, Cameron Steele, Josh Daniel, Johnny Greaves just to name a few!

The shop consist of 15 NC Mills and 4 NC lathes which are used to make many different configurations of dry sump systems.

Shop Overview
Shop Overview
0 Shop View

Many of the common units are in stock but custom orders can be made in house and start from fresh aluminium stock.

0 Alumn Stock

The mills are the essential equipment at Dailey Engineering and must be kept running at all times. Happy operators = good business.


There is plenty of tooling for the mills assuring that the job will be done right the first time.

Tooling for mills

Lathes are computer controlled to assure everything is 100% accurate.

Computer Control For Lathe

A key feature of the Dailey pumps is their aluminum scavenge roots. These are up to 25% lighter then standard steel and also provide up to 50% more volumetric capacity and maximum crankcase vacuum compared to other dry sump pumps.

00 Aluminum Scavenge Roots

When you enter the parts room at Dailey Engineering you can see there is no shortage of parts kept in stock. They currently offer over 650 different configurations of their pumps and pans and while it would be impossible to stock every single part for every use they do have many of them in stock!

Part/Assembly Room
Parts Wall

Belts are also stored here with many different sizes available depending on the application.

Belt Wall

Each Dailey pump is assembled by hand in house and as you can see here there is no shortage of happy employees!

Pat Dailey Hard At Work
Pump Assembly

Dailey pulleys that drive the pump feature a taper grip locking mechanism that eliminate the need for set screws hence saving the oil pump drive shafts when adjusted or removed.


These cutaway photos show you just what the inside of a pump looks like.

0 Inside Of Pump
Cutaway Pump

One of the most unique parts of the whole dry sump system is the custom oil pan. These stand out and lead the industry in design and quality. They are made from billet 6061 T6 aluminum. The key feature is having the oil pump bolt directly to the pan so there are no excess AN lines between the two.

Custom Oil Pan
Oil Pans

The oil pan wall is just impressive.

Oil Pans In Stock

Race-Dezert.com would like to thank Pat Dailey and Bill Dailey along with everyone else at Dailey Engineering for letting us stop by and take a tour of their shop. Be sure and check out the rest of the pictures of the shop below. If you are in the market for a dry sump system be sure to check out Dailey as they are the best of the best! You can visit their website at www.daileyengineering.com

Best in the Biz!!! And some very Happy Employees...hahhaahh
  • C
    Corey K
  • May 13, 2011
They make some great stuff, never had any problems with our torque converter pumps!
  • A
  • July 7, 2011
very interesting insite into the workshop lorena
  • L
    Laura (Pond) Kackstaetter
  • July 23, 2013
Bill, Loved your shop tour! Thank You for coming to the cousin get together lunch... It was great to see you again and to hear a little of your successes! :) Sorry it has taken me this long to say anything! Let me know if there is a better e-add for you. Thanks again, Laura
  • P
  • October 5, 2015
Nice shop Bill, have to stop by sometime and bring you lunch ! P. Wojo