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Dakar Stage2: Peterhansel Wins

Stage 2 of the 2014 Dakar proved to be yet another doomsday for the North American efforts while the Minis had a strong showing. The Minis are almost in their own class amongst themselves since there are so many of them.

Today’s 433km/269mile stage started out on fast paced roads, then a bit of San Felipe style whoops, and at the end a visit into the Nihuil dunes where navigation for the first time got put to the test.

Peterhansel the 11-time Dakar overall winner has gained some ground after yesterday’s conservative finish. He won the stage 46 seconds over Carlos Sainz.

Today’s win puts Peterhansel in the number one spot for the overall car rankings, where he also stays just a few seconds in front of Carls Sainz.


Carlos Sainz from Spain pushed hard today. What is interesting is that he went from the factory VW team 2-years back to a smaller Jeffries built car last year and today to a French built SMG buggy and in all 3 platforms he’s delivered amazing results hence his nickname “El Matador”.

Genviel De Villiers, also a former VW factory driver, had a slightly better day today compared to yesterday’s mechanical problems. He finished 3rd and sits in 6th place overall.

Just like yesterday, Nani Roma placed 4th and is the 2nd Mini of the massive number of Minis entered in the race. He wasn’t too happy after completing today’s special with fellow Spaniard Sainz. He felt that Sainz was holding him back and he let him know at the finish line in an emotional outburst. 

Nassar Al-Attiyah, after two years of independent team driving, stepped into a Mini this year and so far the results prove it being a good move. He is 5th today and 3rd overall.


Robby Gordon crossed the finish line 28th on a tow strap getting pulled in from fellow racer Sandor Sebestyen #390. This added another 01:13:11 to his ever growing gap to the leader. In overall he is 03:43:26 away from the lead.

All the Robby Gordon fans at this point have to admit to themselves that a win or even Top 5 position is out of the question. Today was plagued by the same problems as the previous day: overheating and fuel vapor lock.

The “Gordini” is a brand new car with very limited testing, and whatever testing was performed in the northern hemisphere where it’s winter, the opposite of South America where it is the middle of a raging summer right now. Today’s temperatures in the dunes where reported to be around 104°F/40°C

Robby Gordon sold his previous Hummer Dakar race car to Yazeed Bin Mohammead Al Raijhi in Saudi Arabia  and was scheduled to race as part of that team this year in Hummer #2; unfortunately an injury prevented that from happening. At a point of not racing Dakar or building something new Robby build the HST Gordini. All of that happened very late in the game with many late night labor hours and the result is an unproven car. The 2014 Dakar at this point has turned into a R&D trip.

Our friends the El Martillo team did surprisingly well yesterday but today finished 72nd today.


BJ Baldwin has won the Baja 1000, numerous other Off-Road races, the SCORE and BITD championships, but a Dakar win is out of the question this year. He did fairly well in 2008 when he was a teammate of Robby Gordon but today’s 81st place had to do.

The Brenthal built car #346 of Peter Hajas did not complete the stage as of this writing. 

Stage 2 Car Ranking
Position Stage Time Split
1. Peterhansel (FRA) 003:52:05
2. Sainz (ESP) 003:52:51 +00:00:46
3. De Villiers (ZAF) 003:57:39 +00:05:34
4. Roma (ESP) 003:59:30 +00:07:25
5. Al-Attiyah (QAT) 003:59:49 +00:07:44
23. Chicherit (FRA) 004:55:20 +01:03:15
28. Gordon (USA) 005:05:16 +01:13:11
72. Mathew (CAN) 007:35:15 +03:43:10
82. Baldwin (USA) 008:28:26 +04:36:21
?. Uribe Fernandez (MEX) 16:15 PST no data 16:15 PST no data
?. Trenery (USA) 16:15 PST no data 16:15 PST no data


OVERALL Car Ranking after Stage 2
Position Stage Time Split
1. Peterhansel (FRA) 006:17:02
2. Sainz (ESP) 006:17:30 +00:00:28
3. Al-Attiyah (QAT) 006:21:12 +00:04:10
4. Roma (ESP) 006:21:21 +00:04:19
5. Terranova (ARG) 006:25:33 +00:08:31
37. Chicherit (FRA) 008:34:24 +02:17:22
54. Gordon (USA) 005:05:16 +03:43:26
?. Trenery (USA)  16:15 PST no data  16:15 PST no data
?. Uribe Fernandez (MEX)  16:15 PST no data  16:15 PST no data
?. Baldwin (USA)  16:15 PST no data  16:15 PST no data
?. Mathew (CAN)  16:15 PST no data  16:15 PST no data




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  • January 6, 2014
Nice touch listing Sándor Sebestyén in the article Klaus, 2 days in a row he's helped out Robby Gordon - hopefully giving Gordon more time to get his car sorted in the evenings. Sándor Sebestyén truly seems to have the Dakar spirit!