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DanZio Performance – Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com’s shop tour continued this week and headed to Lake Elsinore, CA where we stopped by DanZio Performance. DanZio was founded by Josh Daniel and Chris Muzio. Their goal was to build top of the line engines and be able to tune them correctly to get every bit of power out of them. They have years of experiance in the top brands such as Motec, Haltech, EMS, Link, Mefi, AEM, Accel, along with many others.

Walking in the shop the first thing you will notice is the dyno machine complete with a complete exhaust system so you will be able to breathe cleanly while tuning.

Dyno Machine
Dyno With Exhaust

Before anything gets to the dyno you must first build an engine for it. DanZio offers several packages to fit many different needs all the way from your street car upto a trophy truck. First you start with a block and then go from there. DanZio does every step in house and has all the equipment needed.

Engine Assembly
Engine Parts

DanZio has a clean assembly room where the motors are finalized and cleaned up before they are ready to install.

Race Motor
Race Motor With Fuel Injection

A big part of every engine is the wiring harness and DanZio builds their own in house also. Starting with just a piece of wire and connectors they will turn your motor into a fire breathing dragon!

Wire for Harness
Connectors Galore
Hand made harness

You must have something to plug the wires into and thats where the ignition system comes in. DanZio offers all of the top name brands and one of their favorites and most popular are the Motec systems.

Motec System
Motec Display

Once your all set with your motor package and ignition system its time to install the motor! After you install it bring your vehicle down to DanZio so they can strap it on the dyno and see what it can do. Having your engine tuned is essential to getting the maximum performance and life out of the engine. Chris loves to run the dyno as you can see here.

Chris Tuning
Setting it up on the dyno

Once the vehicle is strapped down on the dyno its time to see what it can do. There is even a big screen tv on the wall where you can see exactly what the engine is putting out while on the dyno.

Dyno Results

DanZio will tune just about anything so if you have a vehicale that you think might not be running just right or want to make sure you are getting the most out of it be sure to stop by and have them run it on the dyno and see exactly how its running. The shop is always full of customers waiting for dyno runs and other services.

Street Cars Also

DanZio also has their own class 1 car which has been known to win a few races with the madman Josh Daniel behind the wheel and they have a couple trophies in the office to show for it!


Race-Dezert.com would like to thank DanZio for letting us stop by and see exactly what is going on over there. Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures of the shop below. If you want to make an appointment to get your car on the dyno or want to order a new power package be sure to check out their website at http://www.danzioperformance.com

  • C
    Corey K
  • May 13, 2011
These guys build some sick mortors!!
  • C
    Corey K
  • May 13, 2011
oops motors
  • A
    Abe L.
  • May 20, 2011
Hey thats my Trophy Truck race motor, Chris Muzio (Danzio) is by far one of the best engine builder and dyno tunning expert in the industry. If your not using a Danzio for your motors, wireing and/or dyno tunning you might never be in the front of the pack. I'm glad to see Danzio on shop tour of race-dezert. Keep up the awesome work Chris.