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Darren Parsons Iconic Ford Ranger

There are very few home-built trucks that have made such a long-lasting impact in the off-road community as this truck has. It has been built and torn down throughout several configurations and even caught on fire over the past years. Now it is a ford-ish race truck complete with the radical, ‘Summer of the 90’s’ livery’ making a bold statement — the truck in question: Darren Parson’s 1993 Ford Ranger 1400 race truck.

This truck started life as a 1993 Ford Ranger, which was initially built by Eric Moore as an unfinished chassis then purchased by Darren in 2010. Darren recruited Eric’s help to finish it in time to race it in May of 2011 at Plaster City. A broken transmission would result in the need to swap in an automatic transmission. His thinking was that if he were going to swap in an automatic, he might as well mate it to a V8 engine. Things quickly snowballed after that; they decided to make it a purpose-built race truck.

By 2013 Darren had already been racing for two years with two separate championships under his belt in the 1400 class, and when he wrecked it, he swapped the chassis underneath to a 1969 F100. This would make registering it for the road possible and the added benefit of having a longer I Beam suspension underneath.

For many more years, Darren would go through several truck configurations, including a newer Ranger and even a Raptor body. He was always learning and improving it to be better as he continued to race it and using it for shows, events, and content creation for Terra Crew but mostly just enjoying the truck and having fun with it.

During the 2018 LS fest, an incident occurred that would change his truck forever. Darren gave someone a ride in his truck on a track and on the last corner during the race, coming off the jump, he landed, lost control, and rolled several times, leaving the truck mangled. The rear chassis shifted, the filler neck came off the fuel cell and dumped fuel on the rear calipers, and ignited a massive fireball, leaving the truck’s back half engulfed in fire. Luckily Darren and his passenger escaped the fiery wreck unscathed.

This is where the story of the new rebirth of the truck begins. With the truck back at home and completely mangled, he would use that opportunity to rebuild the truck entirely. The rear back half was completely cut off and replaced with a Trophy Truck style bulkhead 4-link back half provided by Camburg Racing KINETIK and outfitted with King 4.0 Bypass shocks and 3.0 Coilovers to dampen the 27 inches of wheel travel. Master fabricator, Kibbetech built a custom 90-gallon fuel cell to help keep the rear weighted down. With all this extra weight, the truck now weighs 5700 Pounds with a 57% rear weight bias.

While the rear of the truck was completely new, they figured they would rebuild the front end as well. Darren stayed true to his roots and retained the I-Beam style suspension but replaced it with massive one inch and three-quarter kingpins resulting in 27 inches of travel.

The drivetrain is made up of a 675 hp Mullenix Racing Engine LS7 backed by a TH400 which sends power to the Camburg 4″ mig welded rear end housing with Trophy Truck hubs and Evan Wellar 3rd member to handle 40-inch tall BFGoodrich tires sitting on Method Race Wheels.

It is almost impossible not to notice the truck’s retro livery, which can be best described as ‘summer of the 90’s’. Darren reached out to his sponsors PRP seats and Heat Wave Visual and told them that he wanted to do something unique and retro. This resulted from that effort – wild custom Zebra pattern seats with a livery to match with it staying true to its roots as a 90’s truck.

This truck has come a long way over the past ten years and has inspired countless people to go out and build a truck of their own. Darren himself and many friends have all lent their hand’s building, tearing down, and rebuilding again throughout the years. Although the only remaining original Ranger part on this truck is the front clip, the truck lives on to be one of the most insane Ranger trucks ever built.

Chassis: 1969 F100  

Weight: 5700 lbs

Engine: Mullenix Racing Engine LS7

Cooling: Rear mount radiator

Exhaust: Custom eight to one header

Transmission: Maximum Built TH400

Fuel Cell: Kibbetech 90 Gallon Fuel Cell

Tires: BFGoodrich 40×12.50-17

Wheels: Method Race Wheels

Body: 1993 Ford Ranger McNeil Racing Fiberglass

Front Suspension:  I-Beam 22″ travel

Rear Suspension:   Camburg Racing KINETIK 27″ travel

Rear Housing: Camburg 4″ mig welded rear end housing with Trophy Truck hubs

3rd Member: Evan Wellar

Shocks: King 4.0 bypass / 3.0 Coil-Over

Electronics: Holly

Lights: KC Lights

Communication: Rugged radios

Seats: PRP Zebra Seats

Safety: Safecraft onboard fire suppression and fire extinguishers.