Day One Vegas To Reno Ends In Controversy –

Day One Vegas To Reno Ends In Controversy

Day One for the Best In The Desert Vegas To Reno “The Long Way” is now in the books and it didn’t go without controversy. Thursday night it was found out that a military helicopter crashed near the race course during a training exercise. While only minor injuries were reported for the crew, the accident shut down a portion of the race course which meant there would be a transfer section.


Racers would go to Pit 1, where they would load up on trailers, and take the highway to Pit 2 where they would restart the race, with BITD keeping track off start and stop times. Rather then keep everyone in line and start the race how they came into Pit 1, racers were told it was first come first serve so it turned into a mad dash to get over to Pit 2. We heard reports of teams leaving their drivers in the car while being towed on the highway and chase teams doing well over the speed limit to get to the pit first. While this plan didn’t effect your overall time, the biggest complaint from the racers is that you could lose track position that you gained in the first part of the race.


Rob MacCachren started first after qualifying on the pole earlier in the week and he led physically all day in clean air setting a fast pace. Jason Voss who is looking to win this race for the fourth time in a row was second to Rob Mac all day followed my Andy McMillin. As of writing this official results from day one are still pending so we don’t know who is in the lead on corrected time, but chances are it will be someone farther back in the pack.



Today racers went 295 miles, and tomorrow they will finish day two with 348 to go. The biggest challenge will be attrition as the second day of the race is more challenging then the first and in the end only one driver can claim the title of the winner of the longest offroad race in America.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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