Deegan Dominates LOORRS Utah Round 7

Short course racing is back in Utah with rounds 7 and 8 visiting the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT for the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. The fans in Utah really seem to have taken to short course as they always come out and fill the stands and have a unique enthusiasm about them. The crowds did their part and filled the stands and the racers did there part by putting on a great show.


In the first race of the day after opening ceremonies, the Pro 2 race started off slowly, but as the laps winded down the excitement started to rise. Brian Deegan started in the front row with RJ Anderson and took the lead straight from the beginning. What seems to be the story in Pro 2 this year played out again as the rest of the field played chase trying to get by Deegan. He would have no part in it as the teams behind him would swap positions lap to lap trying to gain spots on The General. Rob MacCachren followed closely behind but had to pull off due to an unknown mechanical problem. Going into the white flag lap a full course caution would pop up letting the field bunch up for one last charge to the finish. At the green flag Deegan would get the hole shot with Bryce Menzies close behind, and Carl Renezeder would put a door on RJ Anderson pushing him back to fourth. In turn two Menzies would try to close the door on Deegan but after some contact ended up spinning into the krail putting him to the back of the pack.

Pro 2 Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. Carl Renezeder
3. RJ Anderson


The Prolite race had 20 trucks after the last chance qualifier eliminated a few trucks, and with that many trucks on course you always expect some action. Deegan would once again start on the front row and grab the hole shot. Sheldon Creed was on Deegans bumper for most of the race until on lap 8 he was able to make the pass going into turn 2. Unfortunately the lead wouldn’t last very long as Creed would bobble in turn 4 catching a rut, giving Deegan his lead back and forfeiting second place to Ryan Beat. On the last lap in the same turn Creed gave up the lead, Kyle Hart would take the inside lane rubbing doors with Creed and taking the final podium spot.

Prolite Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. Ryan Beat
3. Kyle Hart


Pro 4 was the final race of the day and it started out with Ricky Johnson grabbing the lead at the green flag. A rollover by Corry Weller would halt the field for another restart, and once the green flag dropped Kyle Leduc shot out from row three and by turn 2 was right by Johnson’s side. A self inflicted rollover in turn 4 by Johnson would give Leduc the lead and like every other race Leduc would begin to walk away from the rest. The cushion would go away with a full course yellow with only a few laps to go, letting Rob Mac and Carl Renezeder chase Leduc with only a few truck lenghts between them. Going into the last turn on the final lap, MacCachren made a bold move on the inside diving under Leduc causing some contact but the veteran in realizing it was an aggressive move lifted just enough for Leduc to regain the lead and take the win for his 6th of the season out of 7 rounds.

Pro 4 Results
1. Kyle Leduc
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Carl Renezeder


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography