Demeny Stays in Hunt for Championship - Podiums in Round 4 -

Demeny Stays in Hunt for Championship – Podiums in Round 4

Abrams, WI (July 10, 2012) -Demeny Racing continues to battle door to door in the chase for the team’s first Super Stock Truck Championship. Another podium finish in Round 5, and an early retirement in Round 6 really tightened up the standings, but #885 Nsight/Cellcom/Mickey Thompson Tires RAM is still one of the favorites to take home the 2012 Championship.

The three quarter of a mile long track at the Langlade County Fairgrounds encompassed the majority of the half mile dirt track as well as a long section through the infield. The course builders scattered six jumps, a banked infield corner, and a large flowing rhythm section that kept the drivers “up on the wheel” during all twelve laps.

Saturday – Round 5
The two by two rolling start saw Demeny in his Nsight/Cellcom/Mickey Thompson Tires RAM starting eighth in the ten truck field. As the trucks made their warm-up laps, you could feel the tension in the air. Demeny battled Beauchamp, Keehner, and Konitzer for the lead throughout the entire race. The crowd saw three wide racing as the #885 Nsight RAM occupied each of the top three positions at sometime during the run. At the finish Demeny took the checkered flag in third place, behind second place finisher Al Konitzer, and winner Danny Beauchamp.

“This was an incredible race and early on all I really wanted was to pass Roger Shaden,” remarked Don Demeny. “Seriously did you see these guys, we were racing three wide in some places, and we have all our body panels on the trucks. This is how we are supposed to race. My hat’s off to Justin Keehner, on the last corner I caught a wet spot on the inside of the corner and the truck washed out a little, and he could have spun me, but he backed off and we had a drag race to the finish line.”

Overnight the crew cleaned up the truck, made a few adjustments and were really looking to finish a couple of steps higher on the podium in Round 6. The Demeny Racing crew was also concerned about the condition of the engine as it seemed to be running slightly less than one hundred percent during the final couple of laps.
The next morning the crew continued to work on the engine and by lunch time, everything was buttoned back together and ready to go racing.

Sunday – Round 6
The rolling start had #885 Nsight/Cellcom/Mickey Thompson Tires RAM starting in the third row. The start saw the top point’s leaders begin their battle once again. By lap six, the #885 RAM moved around Schaefer to take control of second place. Then on the mandatory caution restart, disaster struck, the rear gear broke. Demeny tried to limp around to grab as many points as possible but after one very slow lap later, there wasn’t enough teeth left of the pinion to keep the truck moving. Officially Don Demeny finished five laps off the pace in eighth place.

After six rounds of racing in the 2012 TORC Sportsman Super Stock Truck division Don Demeny is in second place, only two points behind the leader. In fact the top four drivers in the championship standings are separated by just four points. It looks like the championship will go down to the last lap of the season.

Next Race: August 11-12 in Bark River, Michigan.

Demeny Racing would like to thank all its marketing partners including:
Nsight Telservices, Cellcom, Mickey Thompson Tires, Method Wheels
Chrysler World of Abrams, RAM Trucks, Abrams BP, Splash, Powersports of Abrams
Auto Trans Design, Colortech of Wisconsin, Deaver Springs, and Catco.

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