Changes for the Desert Assassins – Justin “Bean” Smith takes the reigns

A new horizon is upon the Desert Assassins race team and although there is some heartache there are great new happenings to be excited about.

Justin “Bean” Smith will become the lead fabricator and tech on the Lucas Oil, Yokohama Tire, Monster Energy, KMC Wheels, ReadyLift #16 SCORE Trophy Truck. “Bean” who recently missed 2nd place in class 1 at the SCORE Primm 300 by :59 seconds has proven that along with being a great driver he can build and prep with the best and has been a two-time finalist on the SCORE Mechanic of the Year award.

Former lead on the #16 Jamie Campbell has left the Desert Assassins race team to take on other challenges. Jamie is one of the preeminent builders in this sport who has worked with Robby Gordon, Penhall Fabrication and the DA and will no doubt go on to building more amazing race vehicles. Jamie and the DA are both from San Clemente and have a long relationship and the DA wishes him all the best and thanks him for his support.

Cameron Steele and Smith (26) both hail from the same neighborhood in San Clemente and Justin was a part of the teams Baja 1000 winning 1600 effort in 2003 and the two have traveled and raced together for years. Bean raced with Heidi Steele in 2005 and the two of them won the legendary Baja 500 and Baja 1000, which also secured them the championship in Sportsman buggy that same year.  In 2009 Bean and Cameron teamed in the #16 to finish 2nd in the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge and Bean was formerly a professional Freestyle Motocross rider who chose off-road over FMX. Smith cut his Trophy Truck prep teeth under the skillful eye of Rick Geiser and the Geiser Bros. shop when the current #16 first made an appearance.  Rick Geiser who has been Cameron’s driving partner for 3 years is still involved with the guidance of the team although he is running the #76 (Jones) program through the end of 2010.

In a soon to be news release, the #16, #76 and #78 (Ashcraft) will be making a joint pitting effort at the 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 and the #16 driving line up will be announced within the next two weeks with a surprise twist that should catch many peoples attention.

Steele and Smith share a shop in San Clemente where the #16 will continue to be prepared for the SNORE 250 and the looming SCORE Baja 1000.