Desert Scrub Down a Success

Off-roader’s only come to the desert to play and don’t give a damn about the playground they are playing in. NOT! Don’t believe it? Read on.

Drive, the new startup promoter of the Imperial Valley, made their 2nd event a volunteer clean up instead of a race. Drive’s “Desert Scrub Down” was able to organize over 100 volunteers from the desert racing community. There were racers, race fans, kids, women and men alike.

ORW donated a great breakfast at around 8AM as volunteers signed in. Shortly after breakfast, Doug of Drive briefed the crowd and then everyone headed out to gather as much trash as possible. Four hours later an entire dumpster was filled up. Now to mix fun with duty there was a scavenger hunt for everybody to participate in. Whoever finds most of the items on the scavenger list gets declared the winner. Later in the early afternoon there where also raffle prizes donated by RDC and fellow offroad businesses and members to some of the lucky ones with the correct digits. The winner of the scavenger hunt was a family with four kids that found almost all of the items! Where on earth did they find the golf ball and balloon in the desert? Amazing whats out there!

Most of the trash found and collected by the clean up crews was non off-road related but unfortunately other trash was. The trash was a mixture of camp-side trash, roadside cans, bottles, old tires, household items and then some rather odd stuff.

“Off-roader’s get it done and are able to organize clean ups with large participation better then any other group” shared Daniel, an off-duty BLM officer, that stopped by on his own time to help the cleaning efforts. Success!