Diamonds and Dust: Monster’s BJ Baldwin “Refuses to Lose” and wins the 2011 Best in the Desert Championship

As far as the 2011 Best In The Desert Off-Road Championships was concerned, ALL the chips on the table were up for grabs on Saturday at the season-ending Henderson 250. With Monster Energy’s “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin a tantalizing single point away from the ‘11 Championship (as well as backing up his 2010 BITD Championship), it was “All IN!” for the Las Vegas-based outfit. And despite a number of “busts” and setbacks – all looked lost on a number of occasions throughout the mechanically calamitous event – Ballistic BJ and crew never gave up, twirling spanners, changing out parts, rolling around in dust and oil and working in an orchestrated frenzy to keep the Championship cause alive. Thus, when the burly, angry white, sinister black and green electric glow Trophy Truck met the finished line, it was determined that Baldwin had, in fact, prevailed, winning his second BITD title in two years.

“We had a tough day today,” said Baldwin with a smiling, dusty face. “We lost a drive line and had some other issues. All together we had about an hour of down time. But we won the Championship not because we were the fastest today or because we were the most strategic. We won because in the last 2 miles we refused to give up. Even though I knew we had to finish 2 minutes ahead of antagonist Stroble I wanted to pass him before he crossed the finish line. I knew we had lost the Championship but I thought it might make me feel better if we passed him in the last hundred yards. We almost passed him but we didn’t. However we put so much pressure on him that he blew a checkpoint and got a penalty. Just goes to show no matter what hand you are dealt you should never give up!!”

“Impose your will”,” declared champion Baldwin. “Words to live by. If you refuse to lose you will always win.”

Words to Live By. Words to Win By!

Congratulations and a big Shout-Out to B.J. and crew!

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  • December 10, 2011
BJ, you didn't apply so much pressure. Rather, the BITD race director imposed a phantom call which both you and Casey know was not equitable. Don't want to continue to spew sour grapes though. The penalty was imposed and while we don't agree with it we are unable to change it. All I ask is that you be humble and accept the gratuitous gift that was awarded to you and that you not continue to attempt to spin it in such a way that you "earned" the BITD championship. You've been awarded it and be thankful and blessed and let's all move on to next year.