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Dirt Series: 2018 Is Here!

The new year is upon us and so is the new race season! The Dirt Series, Quad X, Summer MX League, Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, Winterfest all experienced a positive year in growth so we are looking to build off that momentum for 2018!

For those who raced the Quad X Series as well as qualified for the WCMC, the Awards Banquet will be showcased after Rd 1 of the Quad X Series on Feb 10th 2018.
The Dirt Series will remain 9 rounds but we have added a couple more full weekend rounds. Rd 1 @ Glen Helen & Rd 3 @ 333 MX Park will showcase full weekends of racing as Quad X will be on Saturday and Dirt Series will be on Sunday. Rd 5, Method Race Wheels Summer Bash Event and Rd 7 GBC Motorsports Day 2 Play event will both be in full weekend form as well.
Quad X will showcase a 6 round schedule for 2018 starting with Round 1 Feb 10th @ Glen Helen on the Main. Round 2 Full weekend will showcase “Under the Lights” racing. More UTV classes have been added to help the series growth. Look for a new track on the schedule for round 3 as we head North to begin expanding the series.
A new addition to our schedule for 2018 will be Jet Ski racing. We move over to the water side of racing for a weekend this year as we look to drop the gates on the Jet Ski Grand Prix @ La Laguna, Lake Elsinore May 11th & 12th. Stay up to date on all the news for this race at www.JetSkiGrandPrix.com and www.ThrottleJunkie.com      
2017 brought the Lake Elsinore GP back to the streets! 2018 rolls in LEGP 50 Nov 9th, 10th & 11th! Be ready!  Details coming in May!
Winterfest looks to return to the Imperial Valley Fairgrounds for 2018 and once again end the year on a solid racing weekend note! Details coming soon as we plan to go even bigger!


The 2017 Quad X Series winners and 2017 WCMCqualifying winners will be presented their Championship trophies Feb 10th at 5pm @ Glen Helen Raceway Museum. OA results are currently showcased online.
Our General Rules Packet will be finalized and uploaded for viewing Monday Jan 15th. There has been some minor updating to a few classes so please be sure to scan through the entire packet to make sure you are on board for the 2018 year. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at dirtseriesracing@gmail.com
As always, we want to welcome our new and returning sponsors for 2018! Each year we continue to build a solid foundation of companies that support both the racers and our multiple race series. Make sure to look for those companies trackside as well as visit them in person or checking them out on the web. For those still interested in becoming a sponsor for one of our race programs please send an email to sarah@dirtseriesracing.com.
*Support the companies that support your series*
Below is a glance at a few of our series schedules. Please go to each site for complete details and complete schedules.



Rd 1: Feb 11th @ Glen Helen Presented by CP Carrillo
Rd 2: Mar 11th @ Pala Raceway Presented by ASV Inventions
Rd 3: Apr 15th @ 333 MX Park Presented by Corona RV Rentals
Rd 4: May 6th @ Comp Edge MX Presented by SSI Decals
Rd 5: Jun 10th @ Glen Helen Presented by Method Race Wheels
Rd 6: Jul 22nd @ Cahuilla Creek MX Presented by Shark Squad
Rd 7: Aug 12th @ Pala Raceway Presented by GBC Motorsports
Rd 8: Sep 23rd @ Sunrise MX Presented by ASV Inventions
Rd 9: Oct 14th @ TBA Presented by Tensor Tire
Rd 1: Feb 10th @ Glen Helen Presented by Immortal ATV
Rd 2: Apr 14th @ 333 MX Park Presented by Immortal ATV
Rd 3: Jun 2nd @ TBA Presented by Immortal ATV
Rd 4: Aug 4th @ 333 MX Park Presented by Immortal ATV
Rd 5: Nov 9th & 11th @ City of Elsinore Presented by Immortal ATV
Rd 6: Dec 15th @ IV Expo Presented by Immortal ATV

Rd 5: Jan 20th @ Pala Raceway Presented by Temecula T-Shirts
Rd 6: Feb 3rd @ Pala Raceway Presented by Temecula T-Shirts
50th Annual Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Nov 9th, 10th & 11th

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