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Dirt Sport Ministry Newsletter – August | 2020

I’m writing this as I prepare to head out to Vegas for the annual Vegas-to-Reno race by Best In The Desert. I have only been able to make a few short-course races since March, but this will be my first time back to the desert since The Mint 400. The following week I head out to Missouri for a Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series event and I must say it sure feels good to get back to racing again. Hopefully, we are all able to get our races in before the year’s end. I also hope this mini-series on Life Revolution has brought value to your life by encouraging and challenging you.

2Corinthians 3:17niv And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

This is the last “Pit Stop” in our chase to let the Holy Spirit use the truth of God’s Word to affect our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. This life revolution to transform our worship, walk & finally our witness.

  • Worship – loving God with all our heart
  • Walk – walk that reflects a new mind
  • Witness – action reflecting God’s grace in us

The racing community has a worldwide audience, so it is especially important that our witness reflects our relationship. It is not just about what you say when you are on the podium making an acceptance speech, it is about how you walk and witness’s to others that really matters.

A childhood saying, I remember: Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.

Our witness should reflect that there is a difference in our value system, the way we act, what we say, what we find entertaining, and how we carry ourselves overall.  If there is no difference, if there is no life of holiness, what we are telling our audience is; “Jesus Christ makes no difference in my life.  I am just like you with or without Christ in my life.”

We are instructed to walk holy to serve as a strong witness to the unbelievers and to make a difference in the lives around us, just like Christ did.

I Peter 1:13-16msg Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.  As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.  But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

It is truly clear here how we are to live and how we are to walk. It does not matter if you’re a superstar professional racer, a schoolteacher, a laborer or anything in between.

I Thessalonians 5:22niv Avoid every kind of evil.

I Thessalonians 5:22kjv Avoid every appearance of evil.

You may think that living Christ like would turn people off, but I would disagree. When we live life to the Full as Christ intended it, abiding in Him making him the focus of our heart and of our mind, something begins to happen in our life that cannot be explained, and we become very contagious.  Those watching us will want to find out what makes us tick because they will see that we are alive in Christ.

Our witness is living out a renewed mind and a renewed heart in front of the community we walk in.  Not just talk it, but live out what we say we believe, our actions should reflect our obedience to God’s teaching. This is our greatest witness, reflecting the love God has given us.

John 3:16-17niv For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him

Thank about it God loved us so much that He gave up His son on our behalf.  That is some major love, so shouldn’t one of our responses to that be to love other as a witness to God’s love for us.  Sharing our experience of Christ with others is essential to our renewed life purpose.  Loving God is shown by how we actively love others for His sake.  Loving for our sake is limited, loving for His sake will stretch us.

1John 4:19-20niv We love because he first loved us. If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar.  For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.

If we really love God, then we must love our neighbor. You cannot separate the two.

To transform our Christian life we must use His truth to change us first on the inside and then on the outside. It’s not until then that we experience a revolution in our life. Let the Holy Spirit use the truth of God’s Word to affect your thoughts, feelings and actions and transform your worship, walk & witness.

Love with all your heart
Live with all you have
This is your witness

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Steve Hanson became a volunteer chaplain with Racers For Christ in 2004 which developed into a full-time position as the South-West Regional Director in 2009 then as the Director of Dirt Sport Ministry in 2012. Steve started Racers For Christ’s Dirt Sport Ministry covering professional off-road competitions in rocksports in 2005, desert racing in 2007, and short-course off-road in 2008.

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