DNF Racing Takes 3rd at SNORE Dethrone 250

DNF Racing earns a podium spot at the 2011 SNORE Dethrone So Cal 250 held in Plaster City, Ca. The #1429 TOTAL CHAOS equipped Toyota 2wd truck driven by Dan Vance & co pilot Austin “Fish” Farner battled 4 laps to a 3rd place finish in the 1450 truck class. 24 drivers took the green flag making it the 2nd largest vehicle class entered in the event. Gusting wind and temperatures in the 90’s forced drivers to navigate through thick blinding dust. 187 starters on the 50 mile loop battled the technical race course and deteriorating terrain that transformed every lap into deep whoop sections, soft hill climbs & scattered thick silt beds.

Dan Vance drew 16th in the starting order, forcing him to leave the 2 truck starting line back on row 8. He quickly charged his way up from the rear of the pack through the lingering dust to run a pace with the lead trucks that both drew much better starts. By the end of lap 1 less than 3 minutes separated the top 4 drivers in class 1450.

Navigating in the thick dust and chasing down slower cars in the silt beds began to cause Vance’s Toyota truck to run at above normal engine temperatures at the start of lap 2. Focusing on the finish, Vance and Farner backed off the leaders pace to drop the engines operating temperatures while they ran in clean air. “Heating issues caused from us passing cars and having silt packed in the radiator hurt us,” Dan Vance stated after the race. “The course was technical and fun. We had hard pack then soft terrain like Glamis.”

DNF Racing pits only saw action during the drivers change and scheduled fuel stop at the start of lap 3. Austin Farner jumped in the driver seat with TC’s marketing director Nicole Vaughan navigating on lap 3 and maintained the teams 3rd place position in Vance’s Toyota the last 2 laps. With a large gap between the 3rd and 4th place trucks, Austin “Fish” Farner was able race at a pace to keep the operating temp cool enough to go the scheduled 200 mile distance. Austin stated after the race, “”It was awesome to have a flawless day. We never had to get out of the truck. Besides it running warm on the final 2 laps it was a perfect race. The truck was dialed and the TOTAL CHAOS suspension with Fox Shox made the rough course seem a lot smoother than it looked!”

Flats, roll over’s, getting stuck in the silt beds or damage to equipment left drivers scattered all over the course. Lap after lap the race claimed more and more competitors and the attrition claimed 68 drivers.

Sponsors: TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication, GoodYear, Fox Shox, Currie Enterprises, Off Road Warehouse, T-Ten, BMS, LIFT Safety, K&N, & McKenzies.

Photo Credits: Shawn Heck