Dondel Grabs The Pole In Vegas For Silver State Qualifying

Dale Dondel found his way on the pole once again qualifying first for the BITD Silver State 300. This year the qualifying course was held on private property in Jean, Nevada on the Gold Strike Hotel property where the old Nevada Landing Hotel used to be. The gravel and asphalt ridden dirt lot gave all the racers a level playing field as it wasn’t held on any race course where some racers are used to testing.

The mile long qualifying loops was flat with six turns in it and one small washout, and because of the short distance each racer ran two laps. While most people weren’t too thrilled with the qualifying location, it seems that this may be the future as insurance and permit costs rise for the promoters. Having qualifying on private land helps reduce the cost of permits with the BLM and paying to have BLM agents on standby.


Teaming up for this race with Tracy Graf, the Dondel brothers will start first come race day, but as we learned last year starting first doesn’t have as much value. In 2013 TJ Flores won the overall race but started towards the middle of the pack. With such a short race and the nature of the course being very fast, its anyone’s game come race day.


Starting second will be Jason Voss who lost a few seconds on his run after putting on a show for the media when he didn’t lift over a washout. He slammed his front end into the face and ripped the hood off but the truck landed and powered through to a second place. First Class 1500 off the line will be Sam Berri who was less then a second behind Voss. Rounding out the top ten was Kyle Conlon, Mikey Childress, Shawn Croll, Steve Olliges, TJ Flores (who qualified in his Ultra 4 car), Steve Strobel, and Troy Vest.


A few notable racers did end up receiving penalties for hitting cones. Justin Lofton hit one cone adding 15 seconds to his time pushing him back to 24th, where he would of started 4th. Ray Griffith also received a 15 second penalty, so instead of starting 9th he will have to settle for 27th. Hitting two cones, Josh Daniels recieved 30 seconds in penalties so he will start 31st off the line instead of 11th.

BITD Silver State Qualifying Top 10
1. Tracy Graf/Dale Dondel – 3:19:06
2. Jason Voss – 3:24:82
3. Sam Berri – 3:25:42
4. Kyle Conlon – 3:28:06
5. Travis Chase/Mikey Childress – 3:28:82
6. Shawn Croll – 3:29:44
7. Steve Olliges/Rob MacCachren – 3:30:04
8. TJ Flores – 3:30:82
9. Steve Strobel – 3:32:01
10. Troy Vest – 3:32:14


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography