Don’t miss this year’s 3 Bros 6-Hour Endurance Race

Don’t miss this year’s 3 Bros 6-Hour Endurance Race – Course is going to be epic!!

Glen Helen Raceway has teamed up with the SRA crew, Gary Jones, 4-Time National Champion and Ron Lawson, Dirt Bike Editor to layout an awesome course for this year’s event. The track will feature different types of terrain that Glen Helen is lucky enough to offer. The famous hills, including Mt St Helen, the sand washes, MX tracks, truck track and small sections of asphalt. This year’s challenging but fun course should be about 8 miles long!!!

Make sure to get your pre-entries in by Friday, March 6th to save $$$. Sign-ups will open Saturday March 7 – 12pm-4pm and reopen on Sunday March 8th at 6:30am. Admission gates open at 6:30am-8pm on Saturday and reopen at 6am Sunday. Racing starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:30pm.
Don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend!

Bring your family and friends to enjoy racing as a team at the world-famous Glen Helen Raceway!!!

Our sponsors 3Bros will be on site for track support.

Glen Helen