THR MONSTER KAWASAKI’s David Pearson clears the air about what happened at Sunday’s AMA National Hare and Hound championship finale:

“I want to apologize to all my sponsors, fans and organizers for this. They (THR Motorsports, Bob Bell and my team) put a lot of time and money into me winning the AMA Championship. I think this experience was costly but I can learn a lot from it as a rider and a person. I saved a couple of seconds but it cost me an entire championship. The way the race turned out, I would’ve been fine without doing it. I wasn’t cutting the course or doing anything dishonest. I simply made a bad decision and gave the championship away in doing so. I never would’ve done it if I knew the repercussions. I also want to apologize to the club for putting their future races in jeopardy and also to National Hare and Hound for putting their reputation out on the line if for some reason, when I dumped the can, if it caught on fire, it would give the BLM a reason to shut desert racing down. The desert is about all we have. I love racing and I love winning.

On the first loop Kamo got around me and didn’t stress too much because I thought I could get around him. It was dusty and the wind wasn’t blowing so I tried everything I could to pass him early. I didn’t want the same thing to happen on the second loop. I have thought about the strategy (fueling on the fly) but never practiced it or tried it in a race. I’ve looked in the AMA rulebook and didn’t find anything against fueling in motion. But obviously after getting the penalty I realize I shouldn’t have done it. In my head, all I wanted to do was get the job done out in the desert. I was trying to give 120% and be creative. It was in the heat of the moment and I didn’t want to have to look in the mirror the next day and say, “I should’ve tried something different”. Obviously I regret what I did. I am sincerely sorry.

Kurt (Caselli) did an awesome job all year long, my hats off to him for coming back after his injury. He’s a great competitor.

I’m going to put what happened behind me an focus entirely on helping Robby and THR win the SCORE BAJA championship plate.

-David Pearson, THR Motorsports

It was a great race: Fast and tight between the top contenders KTM, THR KAWI and JCR HONDA, a virtual pre-curser to the upcoming showdown at the BAJA 1000 in 3 weeks. With Kurt Caselli and David Pearson fighting for a AMA championship, any mishap could spell doom for either team’s hopes in Mexico.

David Pearson has a moment of lapse as he leave his pit with his dump can in the dry break- A costly error for which he pays with an AMA title

The final round of the AMA National Hare & Hound Series came down to a 3 point spread between THR MONSTER KAWASAKI’s David Pearson and KTM’s golden boy Kurt Caselli out at the 100’s Motorcycle Club District 37 in Lucerne Valley

Kurt Caselli led from wire to wire- not uncommon for him in these parts

Pearson is a top contender in both Best in the Desert and SCORE with team wins in the last Vegas to Reno and BAJA 500,. He only had to finish 2nd or better in this final to edge out rival Kurt Caselli for the title.

JCR HONDA’s David Kamo get’s bumped onto the podium and heads south to pick up the mid section in the BAJA 1000 next month

Right out of the gate Caselli and Pearson went 1 and 2 on the “bomb run” start with JCR’s David Kamo close behind. After a short 17 mile loop Caselli led by only 10 seconds. On this loop, Pearson is reported to have gone into a ditch as well as doing some bush whacking, giving Kamo the edge with a long loop remaining.


After Pearson’s 5 minute penalty, Jacob Arubright slides into a 2nd place in the season finale. Jake will be on the box many times in 2013

Before the final loop, Pearson pitted for gas with Caselli and Kamo just ahead. In his very own version of “self serve”, Pearson dropped the clutch, rolled off his mat while holding the dump can with his left hand and continued to fuel his bike while riding down pit row. He dropped the empty gas can out of harms way toward the end of the pit, took off and immediately passed Kamo within ¼ mile of exiting.

Pearson caught Kamo immediately after his “moment” on pit row

At this point, Caselli had a 00:40 second lead on Pearson. Meanwhile Kamo had a rear brake issue that caused him to drop off the pace. By the time they crossed the finish, Caselli’s lead widened to a few minutes and Jacob Arubright settled into 3rd spot. Kamo trialed in 4th with his brake issue.

Kamo gives to thumbs up on his way down…to BAJA

Within minutes of the finish, the tension began to build throughout podium area with Announcer Dude George Antil buying time with the crowd while District 37 officials took up jurisdiction on the matter. A D-37 rep pulled Pearson into the official tent to lower the boom and access a 5 minute time penalty, which automatically placed Pearson outside of his necessary 2nd place.

Kurt Caselli: “It’s not the way I wanted to win the championship.”

In a very subtle manner both Caselli and Pearson, along with their handlers adjourned back to their trailers where they began packing up. This left the Announcer Dude and the rest of the fans waiting, until event organizers finally gave the word that Caselli was the official race winner, and that the championship was to be determined after AMA reviewed the results. Pearson is said to have launched a formal appeal to have his penalty thrown out. As of press time it is not known wheather or not he has withdrawn his appeal and conceded the title to Caselli.

Skyler Howes is the 250cc champ and also gets a spot on the BLAIS Racing Team for 2013
Bonanza Plumbing’s Dean Pottz is a big sponsor for the KTM program and has the love of the sport in his veins.
Nick Burson is an AMA H&H standout


Ivan Ramirez was running in the top ten all day
I would have tried the same thing in the heat of the moment.... But I have some stupid things in retrospect also in the name of winning, that I would have not done If I had only know/thought it out but with no time to think we react that is what makes winners and champions.. This is a Great lesson for everyone in and on pit row just sorry you had to learn at such a pivotal moment... Speed Safely DC Williams 1976 5c.
    N The First Place Dave Did Wht He Did I Give Him210 Percent For Effot!!
    The Fuel Would Have Disapated If Any Spilt At 15 MPH & The Tank Was As Safe As Any Tank N Pits W Or Without Matt
    Matt Deal Came From A Desk Jockey & Surly Smoking Arounfd Pits Is Entirly 100 Times More Dangerous Then Anything Dave DID .....

    BLM The Sherriffs Forest Service Stats On Danger W Vehicles running 8 hrs Just Sitting Doing nothing Is More Dangerous & Should Not Be Allowed Let Alone Them Running Over Each Other Forgetting There Engines Runnng & vehicle N Gear

    The Fact At Thankgiving They Have 10 Vehicles A Helicoter Min 6 Quads 6 Motorcycles All Running Around N Circles & Two trucks Too Pull There Comand Post
    Too Make A Beautiful Desert Look Like A LA Crack House Bizzy for Nothing costing 100.000 200.000 on a weekend
    besides the poulution of there unnescary event it is a toatl waste of our green sticker funds & our Taxes

    The Gas Matt Deal A Total Joke .......

    The Way It Is Implemented No Differnt Then the Thanksgiving LA Crack house For The Forest & Sherrffis To Play Games & Harrass The Humans Trying To Spend Quality Time W There Frieds & Families
    WePay There Wages
    Remeber They Work For Us We Dont Work for them

    We R The Customer & Its About Time We Get What We Pay For All Of Them STay Home Come Too Work When Ur Called OutOther Then That Mind Ur Own Bus ..

    we All Have Cell Phones If Anyone Might Need Assitants Im Sure Somone Would Come Runnong W A cell Phone & A Vedio .....

    So DAvd Doing What He Did Yes This Is 2012 Not 1912 Image Humans Still try STill think On There Own WHat He Did Was Not N Any way Wrong Other Then Some Desk Jockey Made A Matt Rule Therfore He Suffered As We All Do W Too Many Rules I Dont Fell He Cheated He Was A True Pionneer That Day Being Human ..

    Is The Sheiff I SawThe Other Day Any Differnet I think Not He Was Talking On His Cell Phone Cheating Ue Our Time As He Was On A Personal Call When He Rear Ended That CAr N Front Of Him Shame Shame Glad Only Body Damage Huh !!!
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  • October 29, 2012
what exactly happend here???
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    Darren Moen
  • October 29, 2012
100’s M.C. is very disappointed with the unfortunate event that took place at our National Hare and Hound on Sunday.

The incident that took place in the pits was observed and document by several of our pit safety personnel. Although the incident was reported by numerous other individuals, it was the Club that chose to take action based solely on our personnel’s observation and evaluation of the incident.

100’s M.C. understood and took into consideration the implications to the competitors, the Club, District 37, the National Hare and Hound Association and desert racing as a whole. Based on the interests of all stakeholders, 100’s M.C. feels the proper decision was made.

We would like to commend David Pearson for the professional manner in which he conducted himself during this incredibly difficult process. We wish David all the best for his ongoing racing career.
I saw this happen. I thought it was the most brilliant move I had ever seen. The whole gas-mat issue is another tribute to never underestimating what stupid people can do in large groups.