Dramatic Conclusion of Round 8 at LOORRS in Utah

Day 2 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series Round 8 and while attendance may have been a little lower than Saturday, this is Utah after all and Sunday is the day devoted to Church, but the race action was 100% Church for dirt-heads.

PRO4 > The main event started in the afternoon at 4pm. The Starting order was 31 1 21 99 11 36 43 5 22 13 23 8 3.

Soon after the first few turns it was Kyle Leduc followed by Johnson. Rick Huseman somehow jumped from his 6th starting position to 3rd place. Adrian Cenni smoking right off of the start and wasn’t able to complete the race.

Carl’s bad luck weekend continued after lap 2’s 1st turn as his truck spun 180 degrees and left him in a bad position on the inside of the turn. After the entire field went by he was able to continue in last place but never got his groove back. His 4wd involuntarily turned 2wd in his new PRO4 truck.

By lap 7 the entire field was spaced well with Huseman  holding the lead over Kyle LeDuc and Rob Mac and Johnson.

After the mandatory yellow flag restart the top 3 looked about the same. Rick, Kyle, Rob . Then lap after lap Kyle LeDuc was slowly reeling in Huseman.  Let’s say he not only pushed his luck but also Rick’s fender  in the last turn without the desired 1st place podium win.

When it was all said and done Rick was able to defend the lead by half a car length again just like the previous day.

Top 5 Results: 1. Rick Huseman 2. Kyle LeDuc 3. Rob MacCachren 4. Curt LeDuc 5. Michael Johnson

PRO Buggy Unlimited > Top 5 Results: 1. Jerry Whelchel 2.Cameron Steele 3. Cody Freeman 4. Justin Davis 5. Rich Ronco

Super Lite Main > Top 5 Results: 1. Rick James 2. Jacob Person 3. CJ Greaves 4. Chad George 5. Brandon Ward

PRO Lite> Top 5 Results: 1. Marty Hart 2. Brian Deegan 3. Jacob Person 4. Adam Wik 5. Anthony Verdone

PRO2 > The big race of the day was the 2 wheel drive battle. Starting order was 10 8 54 99 21 48 36 7 44 31 9 3 30 91 17 8 54 21 48.

Jeff Ward changing tire in the NASCAR style hot pits
Jeff Ward changing tire in the NASCAR style hot pits

But before the race could get underway Jeff Ward in the Speed Technology #3 truck pulled into the pits due to a flat tire. LOORS was nice and slightly delayed the race by adding one extra yellow pre-race lap giving Jeff the time to change the tire and jump back into his scheduled starting position.

Right off the start the field was very packed unlike the PRO4’s earlier.

Early on Robby Woods and Robby Pierce spun out leaving Woods stranded off the track with a blown engine for a DNF while Pierce continued back into the field.

After the 3rd lap Todd LeDuc create a huge lead over Rob MacCachren, Robert Naughton, Ricky Johnson and Carry Hart.

From Lap 5 on Jeff Geiser in the Canidae #44 machine kept pulling into the hot pit to consume massive amounts of water. They continued for points but where out of contention.

Carl Renezeder started in the back since he didn’t participate in qualifying but Carl being Carl gained a position or two per lap from dead last to 8th by the time the mandatory yellow flag came out.

During the yellow flag lap the line up is: 8 21 48 36 7 31 10 17 3 9 54 91 30 44 (one lap down)

Mike Johnson spun right after restart in turn one.

By lap 9 Todd LeDuc spun out in turn one by 180 degrees and moved from 1st position to 4th; while Greg Adler rolled his truck during the commotion of trucks launching in every direction trying to dodge things in the way.

The new running order was Rob Mac, Rodrigo, Bryce Menzies and then Leduc.

With the race almost completed Robby Pierce rolled his truck in the infamous turn one. While the extraction work of Pierce is underway the course goes full yellow and Tony Vanillo the Competition Director makes the executive decision to finish the race under full speed instead of yellow.

They add 1-2 extra laps to the race and when the green flag drops the excitement peaked. Every fan was on their feet and there is Carl working his way through the field since lap one and now he has his chance for a podium finish.

As they cross the checkered flag the Top 5 running order is: Rob Mac, Leduc, RJ, Carl and Bryce.

Ricky Johnson displeased at the outcome of the race
Ricky Johnson displeased at the outcome of the race

Now the big drama unfolds after the race as the cars idle alongside the finish line. Ricky pushes Rob’s truck for unknown reasons.  Rob gets out for a post race discussion, while officials rush to the scene.  Eventually Ricky takes off in a hurry roosting everyone.

LOORRS had the last word on that incident and declared Ricky Johnson DQ from today’s competition and Carl takes over the 3rd place finish. What caused the disqualification was that Ricky poked his truck into Rob after the finish flag dropped and roosted the scene.

Top 5 Results: 1. Rob MacCachren 2. Todd leDuc 3. Car Renezeder 4. Bryce Menzies 5. Greg Adler

If you missed the show in person watch it on TV July 17th 4pm and July 24th 1pm on SPEED

Next stop of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series will be Glen Helen, CA August 7th-8th