DRIVE Cash Bonus For Class 1600

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We wanted to let you know about a very big bonus opportunity for class 1600 coming up on May 16th.
$4000 Plus Class 1600 Bonus

We are doing something a little different at the May 16th FiberwerX 200 with class 1600. We will be holding the first ever buggy hare and hound race. We are also adding an additional $100 per entry with no minimum number of entries. At 10 entries the total bonus and driver payback will hit $4000 and continue to go up from there. Even at only 5 entries the total payback and bonus is $1250.

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Class 1600 Hare and Hound Information
We’ve added an additional bonus for the 1 / 2 1600 class at the FiberwerX 200 May 16th. No minimum entries. $100 per car and an additional $1500 at 10 entries.

We will be doing an additional draw for 1 / 2 1600 on May 2nd at FiberwerX after the start order draw. The additional draw will be for the “1 / 2 1600 Hare”. All other 1 / 2 1600 racers will become the hounds. An additional $100 per entry will go into a bonus pot. No minimum entries for this bonus! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place that beat the hare will split the first ever DRIVE Hare and Hound bonus. If the hare wins they will keep the entire Hare bonus. The hare will start in whatever position they draw. We will also have special decals made up for the hare so that everyone knows who they have to beat.

If the entries hit 10 you can add an additional $1500 to the bonus on top of the $150 per entry driver payback and the $100 per entry Hare Bonus.

What it boils down to is you can win big $$ without the 10 car minimum.
10 cars = $4000 total bonus but 9 cars is still a $2250 bonus.

Hare Eligibility Rules:
Must be pre-registered before 3 PM May 2nd. We will draw at the FiberwerX Open House.
*See entry form instructions at Entry Form Information

All 1 /2 1600 racers must race with GPS on during the entire race, must have a trail recording and must keep all data until DRIVE officials download it onto a chip after you finish the race.

Must meet all other competition rules and regulations.

DRIVE Off Road Racing
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Thank you for taking the time to read our updates and we hope you have a great day. Please pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested.