Drivers Salute a Legendary Family –

Drivers Salute a Legendary Family

Drivers came from all across the country for one reason, to honor the Huseman family. Two cup races were to be run today, the TRAXXAS Prolite Cup in honor of Jeff Huseman, and the Huseman Cup in honor of Rick Huseman. Fans were excited to see the action packed races as they knew they were in for a great show as drivers battled it out to run it like Rick and let everything on the line. Racers didn’t disappoint as both cup races saw some great battles and lead changes.

To start off the Prolite race, the prolite of Noah Fouch was parked at the table top in front of the crowd and all prolite drivers gathered around to pay their respects to Jeff Huseman with a moment of silence. Fouch’s truck is Jeff Huseman’s old race truck so it was fitting that Fouch came out to race in his honor. Right off the start Keegan Kincaid took the lead with Casey Currie in chase, and throughout the entire cup race he held Casey off and looked to be coming away with the win. However on the last lap in turn one, Kincaid hit a rut and put his truck on two wheels, giving Currie the moment he needed to squeeze by and take the win and a check for $15,000. An always excited Currie celebrated at the top of his lungs with the win giving him and his team yet another win for Monster and General Tire.

The Huseman Cup race started like the Prolite race, with Kevin Huseman driving Rick Huseman’s truck and setting it on the front table top. All the Pro 2 and Pro 4 racers gathered around the truck to pay their last respects, along with Danny Husmean, their father, and Michelle and Little Ricky Huseman. After a moment of silence, all the drivers tipped their helmets to the sky, and Kevin Huseman did a hot lap around the course in Rick’s truck Little Ricky then said the most famous words in racing, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”.

Instead of the usual rolling start, the Huseman Cup would start Le Mans style with all the Pro 2’s lined up in two rows and starting at a dead stop. 23 seconds later the Pro 4’s were let loose to chase down their two wheel drive counterparts. Chad Hord was able to sneak in front early in his Pro 2 and held off racers like Rob MacCachren and Bryce Menzies, who both pulled off with mechanical problems. The Pro 4’s didn’t waste any time picking through the Pro 2’s and Johnny Greaves worked his way up to third before having to pull off himself with problems. That left Ricky Johnson and Kyle Leduc to push their way up to the front and catch Hord. Leduc would push his truck to the limit trying to catch the east coast champion, and was able to get around him after Johnson stumbled in a turn, but Johnson “pushed” his way back in front of Leduc, and eventually chased Hord down to win the inaugural Rick Huseman Cup, and take home a check for $36,000.

TRAXXAS Prolite Cup
1. Casey Currie
2. Keegan Kincaid
3. Andrew Caddell

Rick Huseman Cup
1. Ricky Johnson – Pro 4
2. Chad Hord – Pro 2
3. Kyle Leduc – Pro 4

Photos by Jason Zindroski


  1. Michelle, Elaine, Keith, Danny, & Kevin; Thank You so very much for allowing me to be a part of that special day. It was my HONOR, love, respect, & fond memories that drove my wife(Jen) & myself tirelessly over the last 5 weeks to do what we could to educate and bring the race fans of Lancaster out to “YOUR” event, “YOUR” day. I hope now, that the entire family is able to maybe start to smile a little bit more. To realize deep down inside that it is OK to have fun again. I hope this weekend may have opened your eyes to that. The ENTIRE off road community loves you all and will ALWAYS be there for you.

    With Sincerity & Love,
    Scott Rehn

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