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Dynamic Racing – Baja 1000. Dirt, Fire and Steel: turning Dirt into Glory!

Go with Team Dynamic drivers Christine GZ and Luy Galan as the tackle their first every Baja 1000 in the super competitive Pro Turbo UTV class.

Team Dynamic had only 5 desert races under their belt, when they decided to enter the 50th Baja 1000. The plan was for the girls to start the race and then hand the car over to team owner and racer Paul Kraus.

The Baja 1000 is a marathon that less than half of the competitors ever finish. You can’t win the race in the first few hundred miles, but you can definitely lose it.

Christine GZ and Luy Galan started the race as planned, setting a quick but smart pace. They knew they had over 1100 miles to drive to make it to the finish line.

From the start of the race the girls were met with heavy dust and traffic. But racing is passing – and the girls managed to quickly pick off some of the competition.

In the true spirit of Baja the girls stopped to help tow out some fellow racers and then went on their way. The Baja karma came back to help them – when the girls put the car on it’s side the locals rushed to help them get back on all fours and get going again.

Later in the race the girls narrowly missed a booby trap.
Unfortunately these are not uncommon in Baja.

After a quick pit stop for fuel at race mile 160 the girls headed south towards san felipe.

100 miles later…the girls stopped for fuel and a few quick repairs before heading to the driver change at coco’s corner near race mile 320.

Team owner and racer Paul Kraus and co-driver Chad Divine went in for the next section. Paul was determined to make up time and dropped the hammer down attacking his section.

After a quick fuel stop and light bar adjustment at race mile 360 Paul and Chad headed off towards san Ignacio via Bay of LA. The light bar was pulling too much power so they were forced to run with just the lower lights, a disadvantage – but in Baja you can’t let mechanical issues slow you down.

The goal was to get to Race Mile 620 in one piece, where paul would hand the car over to crew chief Anthony Perez and Jason Farrell.

As the sun came up in san ignacio the team eagerly awaited Paul and Chad’s arrival.

Anthony and Jason loaded in and headed off but were quickly slowed by a failing belt. It’s not IF you will have failures in off-road racing, its’ WHEN – and then HOW you handle them defines your race.

After a quick sprint the team sustained their first flat after tagging a large rock in a super rocky high speed area. Jason knocked out a quick tire change and immediately got car moving again.

400 grueling miles later Anthony and Jason eagerly handed the car back to Christine and Luy to take it into the finish. At this point they knew that they were in the top ten – so getting the finish was critical. The pressure was on. Failure was not an option.

As the girls crossed the finish line they were greeted by the rest of team Dynamic and all the fans.  Not only did the team make it to the finish but they ended up in 7th in Pro turbo UTV out of 26 cars in their class at their very first Baja 1000.

You must first finish – to finish first. – Rod Hall

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