Early Entries Open in 48 Hours

Early Entries Open Sunday AM

25% Off Until Feb 1 or First 20 Entrants
Deposits Guaranteed 100% Refundable to April 18
Returning Riders “in” for $2,475
All New Marathon Stage to Bahia de Los Angeles
Cataviña Remains Central Hub of New Rally
San Felipe Back on The Map Again
Single-Click Fly & Ride Bike Rental and Support Packages 

Exactly What You Need Right Now:

It’s not in your nature to be on a leash and we know you’re feeling literally confined, if not locked down and pent up. You’re not used to taking orders and having all your plans on hold indefinitely. That is the exact opposite of a rally racer, right?

Entries Open Midnight Sunday AM

Apply Yourself
Apply yourself for the Six Day BAJA RALLY today with a 50% deposit and start preparing your 9-month build-up to September 26th. Train, and eat well, build and ride (or drive) yourself toward a 2-sided goal for 2021:

1) Start to break loose from being told what is best for you.

2) Finish the longest rally race in North America.

Adios to 2020

What other choice do you have?
Maybe you can think up some good excuses why 2021 won’t be the year you finally scratch BAJA RALLY off your bucket list? Will you wait for the green light from bureaucrats and your political leaders?

So, Ask Yourself…

Is it in your nature to wait for anything?