Effective Immediately, All DS LLC Events are on Hold Until Further Notice

MAY 4th, 2020 Issue #5


Since last we sent out an email blast so much has been thrown at us all. With everything shut down and “stay at home” orders put in place, we have all had to make major adjustments. This ‘Pandemic’, as its being referred to, has created different paths for most, if not all of us. …A reset button of sorts. …A way to step back and create a new beginning, start over or change the way we live.
The acceptance for us, as a business and as personal has been to understand what needs to be done to make a living to provide for our family. Personally, we have had to get jobs to handle our monthly expenses and maintain the business. As a business, we are doing everything we can to learn where, when and how to begin moving forward. Talking with County and City officials as well as facility owners to be proactive about scheduling when all this is lifted. Getting as much insight as possible to know when we can all get back to what we enjoy doing. Whether thats off roading, hiking, shopping, gathering for events or just being able to walk around with out a face mask! We are trying to stay on top of it as much as we can.

This is not the type of newsletter/email blast we wanted to shoot out but unfortunately its the reality of whats going on. Dirt Series LLC will be here when the dust settles and when it does, we will push forward with an amended 2020 race schedule. Until then, lets all keep doing what we need to do to get through these unique times!

Thank you again to everyone who supports us. We look forward to seeing you all back out on the track soon!

Steve & Sarah
Dirt Series LLC