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Eibach Springs – Shop Tour

This weeks Race-Dezert shop tour takes us to Eibach Springs in Corona, CA. We are able to get a look into exactly how a spring is made from start to finish. Along the way we were able to see their R&D shop along with some new products!

Eibach Springs In Corona, CA

When you first walk into the lobby you are greeted with a bunch of products on some really cool displays. There is also a couple cases with some very neat memorabilia from old times to current. Many racers who have used Eibach products have stopped by to drop off a little piece of history.

Eibach Lobby
Eibach Shock and Spring Display
Display case with memorabilia

Next we headed out into the R&D room where they were working on installing a new shock and spring setup for testing.

New Product Install

Next door to the install bay is the shock room, here shocks are assembled and put through a few tests to make sure valving is correct.

Shock Room
Shocks being assembled

This machine is very cool and by using the computer to give you accurate read outs you can see exactly how the shock progresses through the travel and exactly what the rate is throughout.

Shock Machine
Shock machine loaded and ready to test

Next we put on some eye protection and headed out into the machine shop. This is where the springs are made from start to finish, everything is in house.

Machine Shop

Every spring starts as raw material from one of these spools, each spool is a different rate and can be wound to any length needed for different applications.

Spring Spools

The spools are then loaded into one of the cutting and winding machines which are very massive!

Spool in winding maching
Spool being loaded into machine

Once the spool is loaded the operator can program in exactly what rate and length to make the spring and the machine takes over from there. In the matter of a couple seconds a spring is wound and cut.

Programming the machine
Spring in action being wound
Finished spring right before being cut

Depending on application springs are then sent over to the machine where the bottoms of them are ground flat so they will sit flush once installed.

Grinding/Flattening Machine
Spring after being ground flat on bottom

Eibach does everything in house including their own powder coating.

Powder Coating machine

One of the final steps and a very important one is the quality control check that is performed in house before any product is shipped out. There is a whole department dedicated to insuring each and every spring is checked.

Quality Control Department
Checking springs to ensure proper rate

In addition to springs Eibach also makes sway bars!

Sway Bar Design
Heat Treating Machine
Sway Bar Finished Product

Race-Dezert.com thanks Eibach Springs for letting us stop by and see exactly how a spring is made from start to finish. Their facility is top notch and they make a variety of products besides car springs including sway bars, motorcycle springs, valve springs, and more. Be sure to check out the gallery of pictures below for more up close shots inside the Eibach Springs facility. If you have any questions or would like to order any products from Eibach please visit their website at: www.eibach.com