Entries Open For Six Day BAJA RALLY Sept 26-Oct 2

Early Entries Open for Six Day BAJA RALLY September 26 – October 2, 2021

CONTACT: media@bajarallymoto.com. (858) 342-8222

  • Longer Rally with Sixth Day Added
  • 25% Early Entry Discounts
  • Deposits Guaranteed 100% Refundable
  • 6-Week COVID-19 Travel Protection

CONTACT: media@bajarallymoto.com. (858) 342-8222

ENSENADA BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO- Organizers of BAJA RALLY opened the early entry period for the newly expanded Six Day BAJA RALLY Powered by Rally Comp and scheduled for September 26 – October 2, 2021. Despite pandemic shutdowns affecting sporting events globally, the decision for BAJA RALLY to lengthen its flagship rally-raid competition from five to six day comes with the necessity to modernize payment and deposit policies to accommodate the psychological affects the pandemic is creating. Namely, two brand new policies guarantee 100% of entrants’ deposits to attract rally racers in light of continued uncertainty with COVID-19 shutdowns and international travel restrictions. Thus the organization eliminated the incentive for competitors and team managers to wait.

BAJA RALLY General Director Mauricio Parra said the new policies are coordinated with an “early entry discount schedule” to eliminate the tendency for competitors to either wait for good news or procrastinate until the last minute in hopes the pandemic environment improves.

“Racers aren’t used to finding the safest path or waiting for the most ideal conditions to proceed, that’s not in their nature,” Parra explains, “But we see this is the tendency with most everyone lately as the world tries to adapt to the ‘new normal’. So, we made it very simple in two ways: waiting to enter won’t help you and entering early won’t hurt you.”

Early entry discounts of 25% expire on February 1st but a new refund policy guarantees deposits 100% refundable through April 15 or as long as August 15 for full payment entries.

“Last year BAJA RALLY refunded all of our Canadian racers’ deposits and payments when their government implemented strict quarantine requirements for citizens returning from international trips”, Parra continued, “Nobody can know what this summer will bring so we adapted to make sure our clients and new rally racers can proceed with planning their rallies without either waiting or worrying. Our new policy gives racers no better choice than to proceed and no excuse to not proceed.”

The BAJA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES is the first of its kind schedule of multiple rally raid competitions in the state of Baja California and the next level of progression for BAJA RALLY, an annual rally race now entering its ninth consecutive year of operations.

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