Las Vegas, Nevada October, 2009
Best In The Desert is proud to announce an exciting new racing venue for the 2009 Henderson FabTech Desert
Classic. The 2009 Henderson FabTech Desert Classic will take place in the Jean Dry Lake Valley, with a redesigned
approximate 60-mile course. Inside of the course will be two pit areas, as well as the start/finish area.
The format for the event will be two races; first race will be early in the morning, the second race will be in the
afternoon with four laps for each race
After six months of working on a course with the City of Boulder City, BLM and the City of Henderson, because
of all the new solar energy facilities being built on Boulder City land, along with the issues associated with the
Mohave Desert Tortoise habitat, the best course we could have come up with was a 12.5 mile loop, using last
year’s private property as the Main Pit start/finish area. Best In The Desert feels, as always, that safety is our #1
concern for our racers and 2nd is a good challenging course that everyone can have a good time racing on. So,
Casey Folks changed the location of the course, pit areas, and start/finish and designed a course that will be fun
and challenging…as all of Folks’ races are!
There will be a Time Trials for top starting positions for both races. The Time Trial for the first race will be for
Class 1100 only. There will be a separate, specially designed Pole Award for the Top Qualifier in Class 1100.
The second race will have a Time Trials for Class 1400 and Class 1500 only and the Team Ford Pole Award and
$1,000 cash to be presented at the Drivers Meeting.
Folks is requesting that all participants that are going to stay at a hotel that they stay in a Henderson Hotel. The
City of Henderson is a sponsor of the race and it’s very important that we support all of our sponsors. Please
check the web site for hotel information. Also, the driver’s meeting and race awards takes place at the
Henderson Convention Center.
One of the exciting parts about this race from a racer and spectator standpoint, is that contingency row, racer
sign-ups and the pre-race excitement takes place on Water Street in downtown Henderson, Nevada. This is a
great location to take advantage of the local entertainment, good restaurants and opportunities to explore this
beautiful part of Nevada.
At the Henderson race, as with all Best in the Desert events, racers, race team members and the thousands of
spectators that line the course will have the opportunity to experience one of the truly unique adventures of their
lives. There is no charge to wander the pits, experience the excitement of contingency row, manufacturer’s
displays and the chance to be in the action at many of the pits, as many are easily accessed from major
highways, and do not require a pit pass. Check the web site and program at the event for specific viewing
Further information about this and all Best in the Desert races are on line at: www.bitd.com