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Expresso Autopartes Racing

By Nick Almada

Located in San Jose Del Cabo, Team Expresso Autopartes Racing has amassed quite the fleet of race vehicles. From a Can-Am X3 to Trophy Trucks, this family owned team has made a name for themselves in the Baja Sur off-road racing community.

Luis Camarena Sr. started his motor sports career back in the early 2000’s drag racing a Barracuda at local drag races when he started to take notice of off-road racing. After growing tired of drag racing, he transitioned over into off-road and never looked back.

Starting in 2005, Luis went out and bought a Trophy Truck to debut in his off-road racing career and very quickly made a name for himself. After racing in Baja Sur, Luis had made his way up to the 2010 Laughlin Desert Race and ended up competing in the Jump Contest in his Trophy Truck.

Luis Camarena Jr. then got his start racing in 2016 in a class 14 sportsman truck in Baja Sur following right in his dads footsteps. While the father and son duo raced in Baja Sur for years they started to accumulate quite the car collection which leads us to their current lineup.

Starting with the Can-Am, Built by Elias Hanna and HN Motorsports team, The Father/Son duo plan to take this car to the Baja 400 in September to compete against the rapidly growing Pro UTV class with Jr. starting the race and Sr. bringing it to the finish.

The Jeffries Class 1 car was only acquired recently and has yet to be raced with the team due to COVID lockdowns happening in Baja Sur.

Similar to the class 1, The last car in the lineup was only brought in recently and is still in the process of being built. Acquired in a trade as just a chassis, the lead shop mechanic “Chava” has been putting the truck together using a Dougans 542 motor they removed from an old Pro 2 truck they had while they wait for the full wiring system to arrive to put on the finishing touches.

The third truck in the lineup has been raced by both father and son and has a Redline 434 LS motor. The team has plans to race this truck at the Dos Mares Loop Race out of La Paz at the end of the year.

All work is done in house and is a Family owned team with little to no sponsor help. When racing, about 15-20 friends and family come out to support the team. Chava, the lead mechanic, does the vast majority of the work on all 4 race cars and is also the co-pilot for Jr.

When asked about the team color, they had talked about how every race car in Baja Sur is either Black, Blue, or White and wanted to Stand Out from the crowd and chose to go with a bright Orange-Red color. While spectating a short course race back in 2010 in Chula Vista, the father and son saw a Pro-4 car with a similar body color and fell in Love with it.

While still in a lockdown in Baja Sur due to COVID, the Family likes to go to any race they can and usually go to 10-15 races a year in different race cars. Some races in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, and some in La Paz. While the family has plans to race in the US and SCORE races in the future, they are currently focusing on the family business and racing locally in Baja Sur for the time being.