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Farewell Kurt Caselli: American Hero

American off road and rally motorcycle racer Kurt Caselli succumbed to injuries suffered in a high speed, single vehicle accident during the 46th running of the SCORE BAJA 1000 this afternoon.


Caselli, 30, was highly regarded as a master of his sport and deeply respected among his fellow competitors for his incredible talent offset by his noticeably laid back and sportsmanlike demeanor. Many of his peers idolized him and he was a hero to thousands of young riders as a notable role model under the KTM tent for his entire professional career. Caselli was always great with the fans, made time for autographs and spoke eloquently with the media.

They called him Captain America for his wide range of talent on 2- wheels. He asserted authority and dominance every event and series he conquered. From his multiple consecutive AMA Titles, WORCS and GNCC to leading team USA in the ISDE for over a decade.

Caselli’s 2013 rally debut in the DAKAR Rally was nothing short of phenomenal with 2 stage wins and a near 3rd. That performance earned him the a 3-year contract with KTM Europe to run the entire FIM World Championship Cross Country Championship, something Caselli was setting his sights on after his bid for the BAJA 1000.

The entire off road community mourns for the loss of an incredibly talented and well poised motorsports warrior. RIP Kurt Caselli.


  1. Please don’t anyone start in with any booby trap theories. There’s no sign of malice in this tragedy. We only hope KC family and friends can find some peace at a very difficult time.

    1. Dude its a fact. There WAS a booby trap set to get competitors in the race set by the locals. No one crashes like that and dies that I’ve ever known. He was one of the best. Other websites state it. I just read it on a few others today. I dug a little and found it. Please do not mislead people with your personal opinions before finding the truth. That makes you a bold faced liar stating unprovable opinions. Please cease. Thank you. ….

      1. Actually, Taylor Robert posted this today. His team was first on the scene. So hopefully whoever reads this on the very high profile RDC, hopefully the rumors of booby traps will be put to rest:

        I want to make something very clear and stop the rumors. Kurt Caselli did not crash because of a man made booby trap, a spectator, or any other nonsense that people are saying about his accident. My teammate Ricky Brabec was the fist person to Kurt which was in a very secluded area with no Spectators. Ivan Ramirez showed up shortly after Ricky. They decided Ricky would go get help while Ivan stayed with Kurt. Even though the news didn’t come out until the night time the accident happened while there was still daylight, and didn’t have anything to do with racing at night. This was merely a racing accident and had nothing to do with booby traps, spectators, or another vehicle so please stop spreading rumors.

      2. James its interesting you say don’t come out here and speak unproven facts when you have done just that. This mans family is in need of support, not people stirring the pot just to feel better about yourself. Please think of others before yourself in times such as these.

  2. I SIT Here Like Thousands Such A Senseless Loss For All !!
    Its Not Mexicos Falt Its Simply A Sad Day Hope This Ends It TRAPS
    Mexico Must Know They Have Hurt Others This Way How Do you Feel Now The Humans That Did This No justice For Them Use Them For An Example !
    Kurt Has Left Us W So So Many Great times He Was A Mentor To Young Old Alike His Dad Was As He Is Was !!
    May We All Find Understanding At This Difficult Time May His Family Some How Find Peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He didn’t hit booby trap from what I was told by rider who first located him . He seemed to think he hit a tree . Maybe after he hit an animal I’m hearing it was captuerd on his go . I can’t say this is fact just what heard at check 7 from the rider who went looking and found him he’d claimed first .

  3. So Sad!!!

    Those guys are out there wide open, just them and their bikes. I’ve watched countless hours on youtube of these guys going over terrain as if they have a rhythm which cannot be produced by mere luck – they are the Best!

    All I can do is ask for Blessings and Comfort for the Caselli Family as well for the racing community during this difficult time.

    Rest in Peace Kurt Caselli.


  4. Holy shit, he was my neighbor in palmdale , ca for over 20 years. Rip piece friend, I will never forget all the times you let me ride your bikes

  5. My son and I had the chance to spend the day with Kurt out at the Vogt Ranch for a ride day, He treated my son as if he was the factory rider.Never have a met such a more down to earth person at his level. Rest in peace you will never be forgotten.#66

  6. Fellow riders-friends,

    I have been watching the events unfold and was excited to see 2X KTM leading for much of the race over 1X Honda. Now this morning I discover this sad news. Kurt had signed a 3-year deal to ride for KTM in the Dakar series. It’s terrible when the good die so young. I respect the efforts and talent of riders and racers like Kurt Caselli. The racing community has lost a great person and I extend my sincere sorrow to the Caselli family.

    It’s not the length of our life, but the memories we leave along the way.

    MC riding still remains very fun, exciting, and good times are shared when we ride together. I will continue and encourage all of you to continue as well.


    Before I start my engine Lord,
    I want to pray to You,
    I humbly ask Your blessing Lord,
    for what I’m about to do.
    I’ll give You all the credit Lord,
    for it’s only by Your grace,
    that I am at this starting line,
    to run another race.
    This race that lies before me Lord,
    its outcome I can’t see,
    but I can face this challenge Lord,
    because You ride with me.
    Give me strength I ask You Lord,
    and protect us from all harm,
    hold us all safely Lord,
    safely in Your arm.
    Bless the other racers Lord,
    my friends and family to,
    let them know You love them Lord,
    and that I love them to.
    Guide my way, direct my path,
    keep me safe in this I do,
    remind me Lord that in this life,
    all race tracks lead to You.
    I pray Your perfect will be done,
    and I ask to win this race,
    help me Lord to run so well,
    help me set the pace.
    But if I cross life’s finish line,
    You know I’ve done my best,
    and through Your Son Jesus Christ,
    I’m forgiven, and have eternal rest……….AMEN

  8. My wife and i are heart broken in the loss of Kurt Casselli. We cheered him on from our living room while he gave his all at this years Dakar. he showed true heart in his performance and was a great representative for the US. He will be missed. our hearts go out to his family.

  9. To Kurt family I pray for Gods peace and renewal as you go thru this time. Kurt was a decent chap and a great sportsman..he will be missed

    Godspeed Kurt

  10. Nothing to really blame this on except for a animal possibly a cow, accidents happen and that is just what goes with the sport. Still very very sad. The whole racing community is torn up. I had the opportunity to spend a little time with him at various races, seen him out at my friends property near his home, nothing bad to say about him he was a awesome person and racer. I encourage everyone to honor him and watch some of his onboard footage. The guy was a badass!

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