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Feature Vehicle: Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle

Few companies in off-road have made the level of commitment as Rugged Radios. A constant supporter of teams, drivers, and the entire off-road industry, Rugged announced earlier this year that they are stepping up to help support Best in The Desert by taking on the radio relay responsibilities that are critical to driver safety.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck

Rugged made an $80,000+ investment in a custom radio relay vehicle that is capable of relaying info via the high-powered Vertex VX6000 radios, satellite internet service, and cell phone amplifier. The vehicle will also be manned by Rugged Radio staff who will essentially live in the vehicle in remote locations for multiple days during each race, providing 24/7 race relay support.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck

“We want to show our commitment to off-road racing by making it a better, safer experience. The Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle is our way of paying back to racers and the offroad community. We are here for the long haul,” stated Rugged CEO, Greg Cottrell.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck
The purpose-built Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle debuted at The Mint 400 and will service every Best in the Desert race. To utilize the new Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle, all you need to do is go to the Rugged Radios relay channel on your radio and simply radio in your request.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck
“Rugged Radios has stepped up to help make racing the Best in The Desert series a better and safer experience. It speaks to the character of the people in this company who are willing to spend valuable time and money contributing to the overall health and safety of desert off-road racing. Support them by using their product and services. Support the brands that support off-road,” stated Best in the Desert Director, Casey Folks.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck
The Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle is built on an all new aluminum Ford F150 4-Wheel Drive Extra Cab body from Team Ford in Las Vegas. Outfitted with a custom-built pop-up camper from 4-Wheel Campers, it is the ultimate platform for traveling to remote locations and providing comfort while on a mountain top or the middle of the desert.

Rugged Radios Relay Truck
Camburg Engineering outfitted the Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle with an innovative Uniball A-Arm system with Fox Bypass Shocks to increase its off-road performance. Not only does the Camburg system increase travel, it eliminates the weak point in the suspension critical for off-roading with a heavy load. For wheels and tires, the Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle features KMC Machete’s wrapped with General Tire Grabbers for increased stability and traction. NV Fab fabricated custom-built bumpers featuring dual swing outs for a generator and spare tire rack. For staff safety, external lighting by KC-HiLITES provides ample illumination at night around the relay vehicle.

In addition to handling radio relay responsibilities, Rugged Radios supports multiple top teams including defending Best in the Desert Champion, Jason Voss.  “I think it’s great what they are doing to support Best in the Desert and all the racers. Rugged has not only been a sponsor of ours but a key component in race communications,” commented Voss.

For the upcoming Vegas to Reno race August 17th-20th, the two-man crew will be living in the vehicle for nearly 3 days providing non-stop support. Check out the full vehicle feature below and be sure to see it in person at contingency at General Tire “Vegas To Reno” The Long Way Presented By FOX.


Owner: Rugged Radios
Builder: Nick with NVFab in Oceano, CA
Chassis: 2015 Ford F150 4-Wheel Drive Extra Cab
Engine: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Offroad Tires: General Tire 33″ All Terrain
Offroad Wheels: KMC Machete
Paint/Graphics: Stock
Body: Stock
Wrap Graphics: Linson Signs, San Luis Obispo, CA
Weight: Stock
Wheel Base: Stock
Track Width: Stock
Front Suspension: Camburg Uni-Ball A-Arm System
Rear Suspension: Stock
Shocks: Fox Shocks
Rear Axle: Stock
Springs: Stock
Fuel Cell: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Steering: Stock
Lighting: KC HiLiTES
Paneling: Stock
Brakes: Stock
Wiring: Stock
Power Supply: (2) Deep Cycle Batteries, (1) Power Inverter
Navigation: Bad Eld iPad Navigation System
Communication: (2) 110-Watt VHF Radios (with Dual Remote Heads), (2) 75-Watt Radio, (1) FTA-230 Aviation Radio, (2) 20′ telescoping antennas, Satellite and Internet Ready, Cell Phone Booster, 4G Booster
Audio: External Hand Mics and Monitoring Speakers
Seats: Stock
Safety: Stock
Fresh Air System: Stock
Cooling: Stock
Headers and Muffler: Stock
Extras: Pop-Up Camper from 4-Wheel Campers, (2) Rotopax Gas Cans, (1) Swing Out Rear Bumper, (1) 2000-Watt Honda Generator