FiberwerX WCT Townsel Mermorial Night Race –

FiberwerX WCT Townsel Mermorial Night Race

Round three of the 2010 Competitive Metals Championship presented by DRIVE

FiberwerX Off Road Fiberglass is pleased to announce the continued support of the DRIVE Racing Series and encouragement of Desert Racing in the Imperial Valley. In addition to the Title Sponsorship of September 18th Night Race, FiberwerX is leading the way to having 25 trucks in the 1450 class race for free.

FiberwerX is working with several other companies as well as DRIVE Off Road Racing to put together a sponsorship package that will cover the entry cost of (25) 1450 racers at the FiberwerX WCT Townsel Mermorial Night Race. 25 names will be drawn from a hat on Saturday at the drivers meeting. The entry fees for those 25 teams will be refunded by the end of the race. To be eligible all teams must pre-registered by Saturday September 4th and have paid the entry fee before the end of registration on Sept 18.

When all is said and done there is expected to be up to 50 trucks racing the 1450 class at this event. The only fees that the raffle winning teams will have to pay are the $20 Survey Fund and the $25 Year End Points Fund. All other cost associated with the entry fee are being covered by FiberwerX and the associated event promotion.

Jason McNeil of FiberwerX commented on the additional support which he has inspired. “The 1450 style truck racing is where I came from. My brothers and I built off road trucks at home. My dad pulled his cars out of the garage, and before he knew it, my brothers and I would have a truck torn up and half way built by the time he knew the garage was a work shop.” Jason continued, “Supporting this division of racing is very rewarding. I know what it is like showing up to a race and using your last couple hundred dollars for an entry fee. Hopefully this will help the Sportsman racers and everyone can support DRIVE to help develop relations with the Imperial Valley and the authorities that police our OHV lands.”

The FiberwerX WCT Townsel Memorial Night Race will be held on September 18th in Plaster City West.

What is WCT Townsel?

On Saturday morning May 16, 2009, Wes Townsel with his two sons, Cody 10 and Tanner 5, left his wife Jenifer and daughter Hailey at home. They were headed out to go fishing on the East Highline Canal, a normal trip where they had been countless times before, but this time they would not be coming home. As Wes was driving his sons to the canal they were involved in a tragic accident that took all three of their lives. Not only did this accident leave Jenifer with the unimaginable heartache of losing all three of her boys at once, but it also left her with the burden of having to pay for the services to put them to rest.

Wes and his family are close friends of Larry Cox and his wife Tracy. Most of you know that Larry and Tracy are dedicated volunteers of DRIVE. Larry spends countless hours in the desert with me looking for new courses and Tracy is an important part of our timing team. Wes was also a friend to the off roading community here in Imperial Valley. We named this race after Wes, Cody, and Tanner to give back to the Cox Family, the Townsels, and to the Imperial Valley Community.

Race Details

Saturday Sept 4, 2010
Pre-registration deadline and start order draw
If you are mailing or faxing in your entry form please make sure we receive it by 9-2-10. You must be pre-registered and be a current member of DRIVE by 2 PM Saturday 9-4-10 to be eligible for the start order draw and to have a chance at winning a free entry for this race. Sign up and pay in full before 2 PM on 9-4-10 and receive a discount on your entry fee for this race.

Entry Fees
Pro – $420 or $380 if you register and pay in full by 2:00 PM 9-4-10
Sportsman – $300 or $260 if you register and pay in full by 2:00 PM 9-4-10
Trophy Kart – $40 or $30 if you register and pay in full by 2:00 PM 9-4-10

Friday– September 18, 2010
7:30 AM-Course is open for pre-running
*GPS file will be available for download at registration trailer starting at 7:00 AM. Bring your chip.

Saturday– September 19, 2010
Registration, Tech and Contingency
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Registration, Tech and Contingency–Start/Finish Area – Plaster City West.

Volunteer Meeting
5:00 PM – Volunteer Meeting at Volunteer Trailer – Start/Finish Area

Desert Kart Race
5:30 PM – Desert Kart Vehicle Staging
5:45 PM – Start Desert Kart Race
Number of laps TBD by class
Time Limit TBD by class

Main Race – (5) 30 mile laps
6:00 PM – Drivers Meeting
6:30 PM – Vehicle Staging
6:45 PM – Start Race
7 HR Time limit

Sunday– September 20, 2010
Awards Ceremony – 9:00 AM

Main radio frequency for DRIVE will be BFG Relay – 151.715
Main Pit – Start/Finish will be in Plaster City West