Four Class Wins for Weddle-equipped teams at the MORE PCI Radios 300

Four Class Wins for Weddle-equipped teams at the MORE PCI Radios 300

Plus the Weddle Five & Dime Shootout

Lucerne Valley, CA — Race teams gathered in Lucerne Valley on the weekend of September 11-12 for the MORE PCI Radios 300. After a long COVID 19 related pause, the MORE racing series is finishing the 2020 season strong.

Weddle-equipped cars take four class wins . Eric Hardin earned the big prize, finishing first in Unlimited class piloting the Albins ST6-equipped 79 Trophy Truck. In Class 10, Weddle-equipped teams earned three out of the top five spots with Matt Rusich finishing on top in Weddle S5-equipped 1045. Class 1600 saw Weddle-equipped cars sweeping the podium with Tyler Peterson first in class driving Weddle Racing Gears-equipped 1624.

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The Weddle Five & Dime Shootout.In partnership with MORE, Weddle Industries held a special event for Class 5U and Class 10 racers. Along with the usual podium finish and fast lap awards, Weddle Industries threw in a special qualifying challenge bonus. Class 5U racers vied for a piece of an additional challenge purse awarded to Class 5U racers beating the qualifying times of Class 10 cars. As expected, Class 5U was a hot contest. Weddle-equipped cars took eight of the top ten spots including sweeping the top five with Zac Reish taking the class win driving Weddle S5-equipped 535.

We’re looking forward to partnering with MORE in 2021 for another season of blazing grassroots desert racing.

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Top Finishers at the 2020 MORE PCI Radios 300
September 11-12, 2020, Lucerne Valley, California

1. 79  Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

Class 10
1.  1045 Matt Rusich — Weddle S5
3.  1003 Christian Fessler — Albins AGB10
5.  1095 Pat Gailey — Weddle S5

The Weddle Five & Dime Shootout (Class 5U)
1. 535 Zac Reish — Weddle S5
2. 500 Cade Garcia — Weddle S5
3. 5047 Adam Spitz — Weddle S5
4. 527 Troy Grabowski — Albins AGB 
5. 507 Ryan Paquette — Weddle S5
6.  5026 Jerry Longo — Weddle S5
7. 5095 Travis Chase — Albins AGB10 
9.  5031 Dave Sissum — Weddle HV2

Class 1600
1. 1624 Tyler Petersen —Weddle Equipped
2. 1603  Reese Pettersen — Weddle Equipped
3. 1618 Zach Sizelove—Weddle Equipped

Class 9
2.  907 Eric Ruble—Weddle Equipped